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  2. According to some people my swing arm bearings are shoot, so I bought some, they arrived about 5 minutes ago, Does anyone know if these bearings are press in? Thanks, LTZRider14
  3. Thanks for the referal but I have talked to him about my ATV before unfortunately he retired before my atv came out.
  4. Okay I got to looking last night at some LTZ-400 specs and found out it has a manual transmission. I have always wanted my 250 to be a manual. I was wondering how hard would it be to use LTZ-400 parts to make mine a manual, and what exactly all parts I would need. Any help or information will be much apreciated, LTZRider:skeptic:
  5. That is a Good thought! lol But Im thinking over just not lifting it. I do wanna snorkel it still. Now I need to know if a LTZ 400 or 450 front bumper would fit on my 250 LTZ. But I dont know if I want to make a whole new thread for it!
  6. I am wanting to go a different route then most people do when they own LTZ's. I am wanting to lift it but can NOT find a lift kit. I found a lift kit for a Ozark on highlifter.com Will this lift kit fit my 2005 LTZ-250 ? Thanks for any help, LTZRider
  7. Just found a video of a snorkeled ltz similar if not exact to the way I want mine! It is the only one i have ever seen like this. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWrrr93viU0]testing two atv snorkles suzuki 250s - YouTube[/ame]
  8. Thank you for the information! I am still considering it. There honestly is only a few mud holes deep enough for a snorkel around here, but I would be the baddest four wheeler in the neighborhood! lol I wanna do it! just about money right now!
  9. I am thinking about snorkeling my ltz-250. I was wondering if anybody has ever snorkeled a ltz? I took some pictures of how I want to run it. I just dont know what size I should use. It is going to be a homemade snorkel made from "pvc pipe". This first picture is where I want the snorkel to come out of the air box. Then is will run from the to where the second picture is. Then "through/under" the front fender. And Finally up by the front. Thanks for any advice. Thanks, LTZRider
  10. Thank you I am a little sore thats all! It isnt to bad just got to get a new brake lever. And thanks I didnt even realize my lid was in the picture! LTZRiderhttp://www.quadcrazy.com/atvforum/images/smilies/arghh.gif
  11. Just stopping in to show yall a picture of my brake lever after a flipped this morning! I have already have people think that the F.T.P is something its not.. I put it on there for Fear The Power!
  12. I was looking online and seen the clutch kits for my fourwheeler (2005 LTZ-250). I am interested in the kits and was wondering if anyone on here knew if they were any good? Or worth the price? Thanks, LTZRider
  13. Thank you all for a warm welcome! (: I will post some more pictues of my fourwheeler asap.
  14. Hello all... My real name is Hank. I love to ride. Mostly like to climb hills and mud ride. I ride with my friend ever day. Because there is nothing to do. I am here because I wanted to join a website where everyone wants to talk about atv and having fun. Thanks,LTZRider14

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