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New to MX - Dehydration & Jump Questions

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(TL; DR - How do I prevent extreme cottonmouth on the mx track? How to take big jumps without flipping and/or wrecking in any way)

Loving these forums. Getting tons of help, so it's on to my next set of questions.

I've only been riding for a couple months. I got comfortable trail riding and decided to hit a nearby motocross track a couple weeks ago. It made me realize really quickly just how old I am, how fat I'm getting, how out of shape I am and how much being a smoker is stupid.

Anyway, my fatness and out-of-shapeness definitely came into play a lot, preventing me from being able to do more than 2 laps at a time without having to take a break. But even worse than that was the immediate dehydration when I hit the track. I drank a lot of fluids and would always take a big swig before I went but within 1 lap, my mouth is completely dry. By the time I'm halfway through my 2nd lap, my mouth feels like I've done the cinnamon challenge. It's seriously unbearable. At first, I assumed it was because of the dust. However, I have a closed facemask while everyone else is wearing goggles, meaning their face holes are exposed to the dust more than mine and they seem to be doing just fine. Maybe adrenaline can cause this issue? Frankly, it was pretty scary my first time out. My question, I suppose, is if there are ways to prevent this. Maybe chewing gum or using one of those camel pack water things?

My 2nd issue is with jumping. My first lap out, I told myself I wasn't gonna jump at all. I ended up hitting a couple jumps too hard and leaving the ground anyway. After a couple laps out, I was getting brave enough to take maybe 8 foot jumps or so. The problem is, the way the track is set up, an 8 foot jump isn't enough to clear the next ramp and land smoothly. You end up slamming into the peak of the next jump instead. Obviously, these tracks are set up to take the big jump or no jump at all. I'm going back out this weekend and I think I'm gonna try my hand at clearing the bigger jumps. I could use some advice, though. The very first jump I did, I instinctually leaned forward on the way up. I almost ended up on the ground with that one. Once I got used to it a bit, I leaned back on the bike a little, which seemed to work better, but I was still hitting some jumps a little crooked, which made for some fairly rough landings. Any advice on jump posture? I'd prefer not to break any bones out there.

Thanks, in advance for the help, folks.

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When i ride at F1 mx track on LI I can't go for more than 3-4 laps without a break. Each lap is about 2 minutes. Lots of gatorade. The more you ride there the easier it will be.

As for jumping you just need more balls and more practice.

Wylde1 is our resident jumper he'll have some tips for you

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For hydration, I usually start the day before. I drink a lot of V8 Splash and try to avoid anything with caffeine or alchohol. The V8 loads me up with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The day I ride I drink Powerade. I don't ride at tracks, I only trail ride so I am not sure on your times, but usually my day is about 4 to 5 hrs. That consists of not only some hard trail riding, but I will usually spend about an hour or so digging out some jumps. I will drink a 32 ounce powerade before I ride. After I am done digging I drink a Monster Energy ReHab. When I am done my ride another Powerade.

On to the jumps. I ride by myself. On the trail I look for anything that I can get lift off of. My favortie jump I use, I dug out myself and use some old tires someone was nice enough to leave behind on the lip to give it some extra spring. When I am jumping I start out slow and work my way up. I might hit the jump 10 or 15 times before I even take a hand off of the bars. If I don't like the way it throws me or the way the quad is flying,I maight not even hit a trick that day. This is why I ride alone. Noone wants to watch me dig for an hour and then just keep hitting the same jump. On the track the best way to do it is WATCH THE OTHER RIDERS. What gear are they in? How does their motor sound? Is it pinned or mid throttle? Where are they positioned on the bike? If you can watch someone that is making the jump, get on the track with them. You can follow them at a safe distance, keeping speed with them and if they make it you will too. Also don't be afraid to ask someone at the track. "Hey what gear are you hitting that in?" Most guys are more than willing to help out. Also remember, if the other guy is on a modified 450 and you are on a clapped out 250....well you will need a different gear and a lot more pinned.

Now my most important advise. If you are gonna be jumping, use the proper safety gear. I always wear my helmet, goggles, riding pants, chest protector, elbow pads, knee/shin pads, riding boots, gloves, and a neck collar. This is some footage from my last ride where I did a little sleigh riding on my helmet.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97_E3k_WyoY]ATV Hits Trees Epic Helmet Cam - YouTube[/ame]

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I greatly appreciate the advice, my friends. When it comes to gear, I really need to step it up. I'm out there in jeans, work boots, a long-sleeved shirt and no armor. Just gloves and a helmet with a facemask.

I've thought about filming the other riders to review how they sit when they hit the big jumps but my girl told me that was creepy. I kinda agree.

My next purchase, though, is definitely body armor. I don't really see the benefit of the pants, boots and jerseys that everyone seems to wear, though. How do special $100 boots protect you? How does a $50 jersey protect you? I guess I just don't get it.

Maybe I'll just try and step up my hydration game. I usually drink a decent sized Gatorade before I get there and then sip on one before I ride. Maybe I need to get up earlier and get more fluids in me. I'll give that a shot this weekend.

And I'll definitely be taking your advice of consulting other riders. I was by myself last time and kept to myself. I suppose it's time I introduce myself and get some help from these guys. There's no shortage of them, that's for sure. I'm just not usually the type to approach strangers to ask them to help me with my newbie issues. That's what the internet is for.

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Picked up some chest protection today. Feel a little better about my ride tomorrow. Maybe it'll give me the balls to hit those jumps a little harder.

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