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A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were running the logging roads on our land up North and decided one more run for the day before washing the rides down and heading home.

The day was sunny, warm with temps in the mid 70s. I'm in the lead and my wife was following on her quad a bit of a distance behind me.

The grass had grown tall over the few weeks since we were out there. We're riding a leisurely 10mph at most, enjoying the sunshine that filtered through the trees and seeing the deer and other wildlife.

Low and behold, there before me where none existed before was a big puddle. I semi stood up to take it as it was too late to move around it. Dipped down, the quad stopped and I didn't.

I did a lovely forward flip off the front of the quad, landed on the other side of the puddle but still in the mud, on my back. I slowly took stock ... hands moved, head moves, legs and feet move... check, all good there.

For a moment i lay there wondering why the grass was blue. Oh yeah, that was the sky :cute:

My wife is calling to me, are you ok? Gathered my wits and told her yeah, doing ok here. Got up and looked back. There was the quad, still running, buried up to the top of the wheels in a mud hole that had not been there a few weeks ago.

Winched it out, took stock of any damage. The quad had a broken windshield, which was the extent of the damage.

As for me, I had mud just about everywhere, my eyes, ears and nose. Ended up with some scrapes and bruises, one looked suspiciously like a mirror :laugh:

Got back to the motorhome, and basically stripped down to boxers, grabbed the water hose and washed off the outter layer of mud. Took a lot of Qtips to clear out the outer ears I tell ya.

So, anyone have some good stories to share? I'm all (clean) ears.

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Were you wearing a Helmet??

Always wear the right safety gear when out riding, even on the property I own.

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I just wear the right safety gear for the sport I participate in.

I've seen the effects of a simple fall on asphalt on a motorcycle helmet ... not doing that to my noggin.

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:laugh: I call that a "who is screwing with the gravity switch" moment. :huh: I have quite a few of them. :wink: It seems like someone turns the gravity off :confused: and then turns it back on again real quick. :skeptic:

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i recall my brother saying to look out for the high gravity spots. weird how it can suck you right off your ride.

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