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  2. You can download the entire pdf free once you get to 10 posts or if you don't want to post you can update your membership for immediate access. https://www.quadcrazy.com/subscriptions
  3. I would agree with @06kfx440 on that. Is this the winch and is that the plate? Also, is it remote only or is there a wired switch you can install? Just curious.
  4. Yes. A thin walled socket will do it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Yes. A thin walled socket will do it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Yes. A thin walled socket will do it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yes. A thin walled socket will do it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  7. Hey fellas...I'm trying to install the rear left axle..there's a bolt running through the end of the axle that goes in the hole where you slide the axle in...I'm having a hard time getting the bolt started on the threads..I was hoping to start it with my fingers and than finish it with an open ended wrench...its very hard to do because it's such a tight spot..has anyone ever done this job before ? Any help would really be appreciated..thanks Ed
  8. Hey fellas...I have a 1996 polaris sportsman 500 4x4 awd...I'm replacing the left rear axle on it...this axle has a bolt running through the end of it that holds it in the I guess the rear differential that is going to the transmission...has anyone had to do this before because I'm having a hard time getting the bolt started...I was hoping I could get it started with my fingers and than put an opened ended wrench on it to tighten it down...its a very tight space to work with and it's not going to well...I cant get the bolt started on the threads...anyone ever do this job before ? Any help would be appreciated..thanks. Ed

  9. show me a picture of the wiring diagram inside the manual please and thanks
  10. I’d imaging you could ream out the holes to make it work. As long as it’s not on the edge and your bolts are torqued. You’d be fine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hi all just started to mount a winch on my kingquad 400 using a kfi mounting plate and the holes don’t line up. The winch is Rhino 3000lb not sure if you have them in the States they’re an Amazon job. I was wondering can I just drill the mount out to make it fit, the holes are fine depth wise it’s just the width trouble is it’s not out a great deal and as the holes are countersunk they will overlap I don’t want a loose winch. Dunno if you can make sense of all that but any help would be appreciated thanks.
  12. Fully custom built with powder coated blue cage and front and rear bumpers has new aluminum roof with a blue flag printed on it. It was stolen out of my storage unit while I was on vacation they cut the lock off took the machine without a key and a bent steering rack. And put a new lock on the door when they left The post Stolen 2019 Polaris rzr turbo appeared first on STOLEN 911. View the full article
  13. I'm from Mississauga, and also new to atv's.
  14. Hi, I got a check engine light and a diagnostic code 520194 2 and i know it has something to do with throttle voltage out of range I'd like to know if thats something that can be adjusted ? Or does anybody know what should i test ? I just bought this atv and I'm fixing it as its been in an accident. I also changed throttle leaver as original one was broken and I noticed inside the 4x4 selector assembly there are 2 contacts but I'm not sure if they're suppose to make contact at idle. I found some info online but some are saying they're suppose to touch and some say they're not. I think id depends of the year of the machine but I'm not sure. I'd really appreciate any help that i can get with this Thanks
  15. I just bought my first atv. It's a 2017 Polaris 570 sp with a little over 1000 km on it, it's after an accident so I'm learning how to fix them right away and I hope I'll be able to find a lot of useful info on this site.
  16. Last week
  17. No alternator, I have a stator and two wires come off of that to the rectifier/regulator for the charging circuit, two wires provide AC to the CDI box and two wires provide the pulse from the pickup to the CDI box. The later models have an alternator that provides DC to the charge circuit and the CDI I believe. I've attached the schematic I've been using that seems to match what I've got. Thanks
  18. The rust is no big deal I was saying it looked new. Color looks great and seems very fresh. Grease is a must when reassembling.
  19. Thanks Frank, Mine must be an 'early 95' because that is not the wiring diagram for my quad. I don't have an alternator and I have a 4 wire ignition switch. Completely different CDI as well. My Y/R wire is grounded when either the kill switch is off or the key is off (or both) and open when in 'ready to run' mode. I don't see any constant 12v feed to my CDI, and as I see it there shouldn't be. I've swapped the good bike's CDI to the bad but I don't recall swapping the bad one to the good, I can try that tonight but I'm pretty sure it'll work. I get the same intermittent spark with both CDI's and both coils. Thanks!!
  20. Right, I may as well open up the rear diff while at it. The u joint didn’t look like that when I first pulled it apart; it seems to have developed surface rust while sitting exposed to the air apparently. It’s in garage, but non heated. I turn on a couple of infared heaters when I go out there to work. I’ll definitely still hit it with some fresh grease before putting it all back together.
  21. That drive shaft looks new. The u joints need grease. Also keep in mind the drive shaft could be slipping due to something on the back end. Where the rear differential and the shaft meet? So if that new seal is the same size as the old one the problem may be down low. Might as well take a looK while it’s open.
  22. Where can I get a copy of the wiring diagram for my buyang 49cc eagle 100
  23. Does anybody know where I can get a copy of the wiring diagram for my buyang 49cc eagle 100
  24. Didn’t have much time to work on it tonight; not really anything else I can do until parts arrive. Snapped a few more pictures. U joint inside of swingarm. Side view of gear housing with swingarm removed. Closer view of backside of gear housing.
  25. The cdi needs voltage to work. Take a look at this pic. If this is your diagram for a US made 1995 I circled and arrowed the area. The brown wire coming into the switch should be 12v +. It should send voltage to the Y/R wire which goes to the cdi. That Y/R wire should have 12 v at the cdi. The cdi gets its pick up coil signal from the Bk/W wire coming from the pick up coil and gets amplified and sent out of the cdi via G/W to the secondary ignition coil that supplies spark to the plug. Make sure your grounds are good including the main frame ground and on the secondary coil at the spark plug. The cdi has diodes inside them that can go bad and create stray voltage. Not sure if you tested the cdi on another bike but I have. A feeling it’s the cdi.
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