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  2. I got it done and painted with high temp. Sounds a lot better and never cost 400.. Good one.:)
  3. That’s strange. I wouldn’t think it’s the cdi maybe a rectifier/regulator??
  4. Big bore kits are around 400. You can do cams, timing advance, rev limiter box for more rpms. Port the head and intake. Port the carb. And so on. It depends on what your looking for. I have the 440 kit and stage 2 cams and keep up if not pass the 450s. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  5. My KQ 300 has had a new diaphragm kit fitted to the vac pump (self rebuild) and although vacuum is present, will not pump? kit inluded new diaphragms, check valve disks and springs....what is there to get wrong?
  6. Is the kit different from what you could pull off a wrecked eps?
  7. Broke into my barn multiple times. The post Stolen Yamaha YFZ450 appeared first on Stolen 911. View the full article
  8. I just bought a honda trx350 that is said to be missing the “chunks” in the front for 4wd. I have no idea what that means. So, is there anything I can buy to make it AWD/4WD?
  9. My buddy has a trx and as far as he knows the only thing done is the green wire mod. My ltr has a yoshimura exhaust, cherry bomb, and air box lid off. His trx pulls on mine all day. I thought with those mods on the ltr I would win in a race? What should I do next to it?
  10. It’s actually a 2018 I made a mistake haha but still brand new! And yeah it’s a power line trail! That’s where we do most of our mudding anyway. He does have some new clutching we installed on the 18. And yes that was me that got swamped lol
  11. Yesterday
  12. Thanks, ended up getting a kodiak 700 parts motor for a stupid price!
  13. thanks for reply have adjusted carburettor wont idle slower without cutting out spark not the best so am thinking bad cdi or coil
  14. There have been a few member that have asked about the aftermarket power steering. How involved is it and what’s your choice of brand of there at a lot of brands ? Me as a hunter, outdoor person love the 4x4. Big fan of Honda, Ive yet to ride a power steering bike so honestly I have no clue.
  15. Welcome to Quadcrazy @Roger-Ashley Freese Looking forward to your input!! You will find a great member base here.
  16. My guess is that bike should idle at about 800 to 1000 rpm warm and 1200 at maybe a choke position. If it’s reving high after it warms up you can make an adjustment on the carburetor or intake if it’s fuel injected. 7500 would be the maximum revolution limit where the cdi would go into safety mode and shut down.
  17. Hi my linhai 300 is hard to start and engages gears at idle which is 1200 rpm was looking at cdi says on it 7500 rpm does this mean quad should idle at 7500 rpm as this would explain transmission problemb as idle is too high thanks gary
  18. Runs good if there's a back pressure problem drill another hole very quiet now
  19. in my experience the sport style awd/4wd quads are good for sport. However if you hunt, carry coolers, etc, they are pointless. A utility quad will run just as fast and can be just as fun and they will carry your stuff. I always say price stuff and see if it is better to buy the base and add power steering and other "essential" items. Most ATV manufacturers are hard pressed to warrant any breakage. I run a shop and see so many guys with new machines that were not covered under warranty for mornonic reasons.
  20. Definitely cross reference all your needed parts on partzilla or rockymountainatv. Both are great places to check part numbers. eBay is a great place to get used parts.
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