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  1. some photos of our recent trip to Caskey Lake area of Washington State, to ride with the Washington Adventure quads crew, waquads.com. A great group of riders, mostly couples with both being riders also kids and, a real family orientated crew.
  2. but you may have some issues with only three wheels, our 'golf carts' make it a little easier to mount props onto the front of the machines
  3. It kind of gives them a chance to do a little more technical stuff without having to feel like they are being forced or controlled, they figure they are having fun and yet they still are forced to pay close attention to what they are doing. Great way for them to learn the dynamics of slow speed turns and the area needed to maneuver their machine.
  4. Here's some pics of our 4 yr. old enjoying his outdoor activities.
  5. Found this courtesy of ATVFrontier dot com, if it helps someone great if not sorry. K-TECH NEWS Vol #18 Issue 1 2005 KVF750 Connector Corrosion Creates Electrical Havoc Do you have a KVF750 exhibiting strange electrical problems? There have been reports of some very strange electrical symptoms that can be difficult to diagnose. Typical symptoms are listed below in the order from most common to the least common: 1. Fan does not activate and the engine overheats 2. Meter stays on and the battery goes dead 3. Fuse keeps blowing 4. Engine stalls when 4wd is engaged and does not restart, but it restarts in 2wd. 5. Engine starts without ignition key (when just green button is pressed). 6. Check belt light is flashing. The cause for these symptoms can be often traced to corrosion forming inside one of the two white plastic 1"x1-1/4"x3/8" joint (BUS) connectors that are taped to the main wiring harness. There is one under the front fender between the front shock towers and another one under the rear fender near the fuel tank. So far the problem has ocurred only on the rear connector. More specifically, the rear connector/harness is attached to the tube frame just to the right side of igniter/control unit area. If you pry open the cap of the connector, you may find greenish corrosion (electrolysis) formed inside between the bare metal contacts. The electrolysis occurs within the connector because there are positive and negative wire terminals joined together without any barrier to seperate them. On the rear connector the white wires are always on (+), the brown wires are ignition on (+) and the black/yellow wires are ground (-). If your customers ride in deep water or somehow cause water intrusion into this connector, a special prevention is required because the problem could repeat. After cleaning up the corrosion or the main harness is replaced (because the connector itself is not available seperate), some dialectric grease should be applied inside the connecter and it should be well sealed to prevent further moisture intrusion. The ultimate repair is to remove all of the black/yellow ground wires, solder them together and seal them seperately from the connector.
  6. Then this is for you LOL, found this a while back and got a kick out of it, this is for all you UTV owners, that are jealous of the new RZR, this should put a smile on you're face, those who own RZR's sorry but you need to throw the Rhino riders a bone, LMAO, once in a while
  7. Well we have the kawasaki, a chinese 400 that the wife is using till we can sell it, she wants something bigger and the 4 yr old rides a 110 Hummer great little bike that he loves, the riding here is AWESOME most areas that you go to have difficulty from 1 to unlimited, and some of the greatest scenery in the world, the farthest we have gone was about 2 hrs from our house(towing the machines) but there are thousands of miles of trails withine 20 minutes of our house we are about 15 minutes from the Can/US border and are planning a trip to meet some American friends in Washington for the Labour day weekend, they are about 40 minutes from our house.
  8. I found this place courtesy of westcoastsportsriders forum, always looking for more info on my machines and possible solutions to problems, and fun and interesting places to ride, We live in British Columbia and have three machines, and a toy hauler travel trailer

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