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  2. yeah had the left wheel freeze this year ,,used the dead blow trick i learned from here and she loosened up.. will take it apart and clean out the crap in there next warm spell.. with a hot battery it cranks pretty good,, but cold drained it the other day.. if i could i put a car battery on it or maybe a larger motor cycle battery..something with more cranking amps?
  3. thanks for taking time to help, tim.. yes its outside in the weather with a tarp over it..just a quick question on the battery, is there a bigger one that i could get for it.. yesterday am it fired on the first turn like normal then i went to the part on choke position and tried to feather the throttle to get it to go but i missed the special spot to many times and battery went dead.. was gonna ride double and gave it one more time and i hit the sweet spot and off we went.. this machine gives me the feeling that if i could get it on frnt of a knowledgeable person that its just a small change in a setting and it will be fixed.. because it fires first time in even frigid weather.. but wont stay running with out some feathering and retries..aggravating for sure
  4. they were checked and were in specs as of the repair manual we have.
  5. in order to start it i have to play with throttle and catch it just right.. this afternoon we had this happen.. it has tried to start every am cold as it been.. with full choke and push start button, then i have to play with the throttle to get it to go if it tries again, even if i try to part choke it it wont set and idle,, but once i get it just right and rev it up i can make go and it will run fine to the shanty about a mile or so away then it will idle a while then i will shut it off.. when done fishing, it starts all over again but it will go if i can catch it just right by feathering the throttle to get it to go.. we have sprayed carb cleaner all over the breather tube the black rubber tubes coming off the carb to see if i had a air leak and no sign of that problem.. we are looking at checking the fuel pump next???
  6. go to the manul guy here he has helped many i got one for 1999 king quad from his links manuals
  7. new questions on carb, this cold weather has it acting up.. and the fix it guy asked me to find out some specs.. i down loaded a repair manual but it doesnt list a couple parts he asked about..he asked for specs on AIR JET, i have spec on pilot jet air, is that the same part? another part he asked about was the jet needle clip position and the manual says nothing about that? and his last question was the pilot screw opening, all i have is pilot screw, 2 5/8 turns back? so where can get his answers if the manual didnt have them.. or do i have them just his questions were duplicated? this is a 1999 king quad 300 manual transmission, thanks again for this forums help if you can give me a link to a manual to look at that would be sweet..
  8. well i got the symptoms from the frozen frnt tire, took and used the hammer trick to free it up and then proceeded to take the wheel off and saw the area where trouble began.. but in the process found a seal on the wheel that appeared to be filled with grease as i was cleaning it out.. had some thin shreds of rubber in the center of the gasket towards the backing plate and under that it appeared to have a heavy grease either prefilled or maybe it was just hand applied any ideas as to what that was from or if the gasket is filled with grease.. thanks for any info on this..
  9. when it has been threw deep water and then sets in freezing weather, the right front wheel locks up, can get it loose by putting it in four wheel to break it loose then off tot he trails but any idea where t look for the cause or the leak that is causing it to lock up must be getting water in somewhere on the break drum i think that it shouldnt.. any help would be appreciated..
  10. well after the help here i got the quad out and running,, as good as it ever did since i have had it:) thanks for the help in getting it back on the trail again..
  11. well had another Revelation today and am wondering if this part is a cause to my trouble? part no. 22 is missing on my machine.. i remember seeing it one day on the floor and thought it was junk:( dont know how it came off but its not there now..PART22
  12. yes the carb is still in it,, lets say that i was not told the truth on the valve check, first question is what would cause them to go out of adjustment in just a 1000 miles? and how hard of a job is it to check them? i was told the spark and compression was good by another that looked at it last.
  13. bought this atv back in 2001 and in the lst few years it has only had a couple weeks of use per year.. the main reason is it has got cold blooded and wont start good.. have had 2 different qualified people rebuild carb to try and solve starting issues and it still isnt right.. according to the info i have found out here and other areas it has the x version carb in it which is no longer available,, i am looking to possibly replace the carb with something but dont know who made the original and do not know the model of a comparable carb,, the valves have been checked and it doesnt have alot hours on it.. the best way to start this thing is to put 2 fingers over the the top breather tub if you can get your hand in there and try to get it on the sweet spot with choke and start button or throttle lever.. so if any of you have some input on this head ache i am all ears thanks for your responses.. also the choke doesnt seem to do alot for it.. in the past i have had to runt he choke part open or closed to get it to run regular.. also have had it back fire big time on a couple early mourning runs tot he tree stand.. which is just what the doctor didnt order:)

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