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  1. Bruins are on..pray for a win..we need it..gonna upload a few picts or atleast tryblue falcon naked.jpg [ATTACH]1869[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]1870[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]1871[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]1872[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]1873[/ATTACH] Plastic is off, did some work earlier on plastic molding repairs.. my home made hemlock lift..sturdy as hell, but i should have put it in different spot- used pullies and floor jacks and blocking to get it there.. just about to remove the dirty carb, notice the frozen idle spring right now, it is soaking in pine sol, looked at it after 2 hours, looks nothing like this, almos
  2. 1648- end of day- its been a long battle today- Blue Falcon and I have both had our lines pushed back and forth- like WW1 trench warfare. So- As promised lessons learn so far= Keep in mind I am a rookie, but I hope common sense and "murphy" are on my side. Fail to plan then you will plan to fail- 1- Tools: the right tools- the manual actually tells you what tools you will need before you start the job CirClip pliers ( master cylinder )/metric anti-stripping ratchet heads/breaker bar/RVT/kitty litter/poly-tarp/pine-sol/red shop towels/DOT 4 / coffee tobacco (lots)/magnet/mirror/small pick/
  3. in one of the forums, they have a list of many manuals, might be there,?? also, take a pict and we can see the damage, maybe learn from it ?, I just did my rear brakes, and it was pretty easy, currently getting the drum re-surface at a machine shop.. might want to investigate that as well..it was pretty cheap..
  4. Enemy situation update: DRAWD-E Defense- enemy has provided a serious defense on stuck frozen bolts! --solution: Trip to Big City for bolt extractor TAP / Die Set Reinforcements – Again, Blue Falcon chose to not release its upper valve bolt --counter action- larger , longer wrench 17mm – with rounded edge resistant assistance Attack- The enemy has chosen to attack me with rust- --Spent the day repelling the attack with wire spin brush attachment on drill Withdrawing - so far, he has no sign if withdrawing his strong defensive posture --solution: bring in bigger guns Delay- Blue Fa
  5. rookie question: but, did you dip it intact? or how far was it dissembled..? I am thinking of rebuilding my carb 1993 Suzuki king Quad 300..
  6. While the enemy was sleeping, I went door to door, doing some Intel and target work ups.Looks like winning the hearts and minds of the local populaces, helped build me a back ground on the Blue Falcon organization . A little more is known on my enemy, took some serious research and high level HUMIT. But, this is what I cam up with in a VIN identification, wasn't easy, no one particular WWW had all the right info. If Any one has something to Add to this, please by all means..help out. VIN : JSAAK42A7P2107227 01. J ASIA JAPAN 02. S JAPAN SUZUKI 03. A SUZUKI ATV 04. A LT-F 4WDX - VEHICLE CA
  7. 1820- sitting by the wood stove, waiting for my bud to bring over chicken wings, beer, for the Bruins Game- after actions- ( maybe I did this wrong, but it seamed so right) When I built my lift- I put left over polly down from dry walling, a "catch All"..good idea it was.. current enemy situation: Air box assembly is off - , all skid plates removed ( broke some bolts, I am thinking of using U bolts to replace hold on to frame), Tool box assembly is off, brakes are off ( waiting for drums, cylinders etc). I Noticed it had aluminum armor?..I have been blasting it with 409 degreaser and simp
  8. yeah! on a stand and ready for work- like a 5yr old building a latter to get to the cookies..but safer.. attached photo has what i call extra wires, I found under the odometer housing..I cant figure out what they are for?? any ideas? There is no other wires they "mate" too, I checked the manual, and the diagrams..Am I missing something important? Help?
  9. using the blog to get my progress done, but I love this site too, because it is ssssmoooking with good info !! I will update my progress, but today is prep-clean organize day 1993 Suzuki LT-F4WDX P KING QUAD 50$ - Whiskey Bravo - Members - 907Outdoors
  10. WOW ! I just read your blog! extremely motivated and gonna hit this up! I am disabled/ lots of titanium in my body ( WIA 13 Nov 2009) ) soo, i try to keep myself occupied, and want this done before Fathers day, when I get my 2 boys for the summer.. I have it in my basement ready to go!! Your blogs were awesome, inspired me to continue to march! I have this feeling timing chain, and valve is next. I will order carb kit, and gasket kit. and yes, not a lot of room in there! I have the same issue with my struts and wheel cylinder, hopefully fixed by next week! I think I will create a blog post
  11. WOW !! I just glanced at your blog- many thanx for the post! Can you send me a list of special tools I might need to do that? I.e "left handed tent pole" etc etc .. I have basic tools, meteric, ratchets , pliers, but do that..I feel it is coming.. what tools are recommend for easier life..? again..many many thanx! stay warm and stay riding!
  12. New Guy here, 38 Yrs old Soon to be retired US Marine. Lives in Frankfort Maine USA. I have a 2009 Honda trx500fa9, I bought when I was wounded to get around. I love it, Been on serious over nighters with it. recently joined my local ATV Club..very cool! I bought a father son project- not going soo well, needs lots of help and advice- 1993 Suzuki LT-F4WDX P KING QUAD I posted my first thread about it in manufacture specific area- read the best i can to see similar issues..?? anyways- glad to be here, and anything i can share for help or guidance , just let me know.
  13. Gents, First off, I have spent a week browsing your Forum, but now I must join and find answers, please assist. Soon to be retired US Marine, I live in the woods of Maine, I purchased a used ATV, listed above. I have a Clymers Manual. ( uuhh not real easy to read with out my crayons and Pop-up pictures). When Purchased, I knew it needed work. This is a father son project ( he is 13), in parts, in the basement.. no brakes, electrical wire dis-allowed the electric starter to work, ( fixed easily) choke frozen, rear bearings shot, close to impossible to start, stop light brake switch electr

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