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  2. I guess im not sure what your mean by prime. If your running the bike under normal operation with gas on and it comes out of the vent/overflow then you have a float issue. If it is fine under those conditions then something else is going on I guess.
  3. oh I forgot, the fuel line was falling apart from the inside causing crap getting in carb. look real close for stuff inside carb, black stuff
  4. something is wrong with your float if gas is running out of vent tube. I had the same problem with mine and I had to replace the needle and seat. when the carb apart make sure you blow into fuel inlet with the float pushing closed and see if it seals. also you must use compressed air to clean carb while its apart. hope this helps
  5. Thats great, should be the same? How can i get it?
  6. Hello, can someone please hook me up with a repair manual for my 2000 Suzuki eiger 400 4x4. Thank you very much, Mark

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