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  2. Anyone know of a good repair besides replacement for the ever cracking Big Bear 350 intakes. Replaced with a Zoom Zoom about two operational hours ago and the new one is cracked.
  3. Is there a link for an 2000 scrambler 4x2 SERVICE manual. The owners manual might be helpful also. Did not see in the links at top of thread, and THANKS!
  4. Found this in another link: http://www.quadcrazy.com/atvforum/vs/13301-pine-sol-vs-berrymans-chem-dip.html#post85741 Am going to try bot will be about 10 days before I know for sure.
  5. MrSchaeferPants: Did you ever get your idling problem fixed. My 89 with a rebuilt carb is missing the baffle and it surges like heck on low gear when accelerating. Also i dont get any response from the pilot screw on the bottom of carb but put it at 2 3/4 turns per manual for 4X4. Adjusting the idle speed screw gives very little response. I can idle but it is not very steady, kind of surges slightly. Like Mrschaefer I cleaned it properly and carefully rebuilt. any suggestions?! thanks in advance, schmeck
  6. The (haynes) service manual says to use "hi temp brake grease" on the front brake drum (water) seals that go the large circumference of the backing plate to seal against the drum. Is this the same as hi temp wheel bearing grease. Did a google search and found no decent reference to hi them brake grease. What to use?

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