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  2. that is what i have been looking at was the zoom zoom, that makes me feel a little better about getting the aftermarket one, i will repost back when i get mine hopefully this will cure my problem
  3. the fork in the piece that you are pointing to has to sit on in the shift shaft that sits on the left looking at your shift star, the big shaft below the shift star that sticks out
  4. sounds like it unless you were running hard for a while, i would not suggest changing the ratio unless you have been in the carb recently and done some other work to the engine, i would give the carb a good cleaning first, watch out for the tamper screws in the top of the slide the are loc-tite is put on at the factory, as a last resort check the mix screw on the bottom at the motor side of the carb factory setting on these is usually 1.5-2 turns out from lightly seating bottom, the units do run lean naturally though
  5. the 97-98 4x4 is special in its own little way , now why that is i have yet to figure out other than they only used it on four wheel drive models, i havent heard of retrofitting to a different style becasue it has the boots on both sides instead of a bolt on but you can find aftermarket replacements on amazon for about 170 i will be getting one next week and will let you know how it works for me
  6. needing a lottba help, ive got a 98 big bear 350 motor was rebuilt 6 months ago, by someone i dont know it will not rev past 14 throttle, will not pull itself, valves are good, carb is good, timing is good, starts quick and easy, 120 psi with my compression tester, new plug, fresh battery, only thing that gets my thinking is that there is a lot of pressure coming in and out with stroke out of the crankcase breather on top of the head. any insight would be greatly appreciated as i am at my witts end

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