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  1. sweet good looking 450r. like the the dasa pipe
  2. I like that picture better anyway (stoopidbot1). In the middle of winter out in the back yard.
  3. I paid 200 for it cycle gear the video 's are frekin amazing cant wait to edit . while u eat that's????? cool. just got in 12:00 been riding checkin out g night.
  4. 195 shoot aren't we supposed to get a stimulus check this year? she is def the boss in this house has everybody trained but its no dif we know our role. something like 1 if in doubt the women is right .2 if any questions refer to 1. got a new go pro hero yesterday going to go play a little with maybe another video? I have a feeling this post is going to have mixed results with the guys.
  5. so how much are you up to now 15 20 grand. I was wanting to mate the girl on the right but didn't make sense paying for one time wam bam thank you whatever so I found him from a breeder about 200$ more but nothing like a pre arranged marriage I say. and yes she does boss him around already and like a good dog he listens. oh and change your oil.
  6. just finished changing oil in both quads. hanging out with my new pug named Frank. yes he's spoiled
  7. check it thats hot he's got the matching shades. very cool shorty.
  8. Thanks, I've read that most mags dont like black but I love it.
  9. I want to upgrade my axle I've replaced one already. Also want to rebuild shocks with gt thunder. I did the engine work first I think if I started over I'd of done the suspension work first then the engine work.
  10. Thanks, I plan on doing alot of upgrading this winter when I can find time. full time at life
  11. Thanks appreciate the good feedback. They're a little dirty right now. ya!
  12. Thats my first. I got the 450r about six months later. The Rancher I bought with 0 miles its an 05 and the trx is an 07. The crf is an 07 as well.
  13. IMG_04421.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting new guy from nc.

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