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  2. bob5701954


    who is also in the woods today, can you grizzly bear , this was the 2nd set of tracks I saw in 8 days, in the new yr. I am going to start carrying a 12 gauge defender , screw the bear spary, this print was 10 -11 inches from claw to back pad
  3. this is myself on a ride with a friend , when we went thru alogging de-activation , which is when they take out the bridge they built to cross acreek to haul out logs, then they de-act it by taking out the bridge, as you can see we are using rocks to lift up my atv to get the tire off, this is a great ride up in mtns. around kitimat B.C.. canada
  4. this is asection of the telkwa pass ,near telkwa B.C. , canada , and it is right in the heart of asteep sided mountain pass, and we drive by this when we do the pass , one of my favorite rides
  5. hey everyone , merry x-mas to one and all , I have just have to had my shocks and springs replaced on my 2016 POLARIS SPORTSMAN 570 , it was riding really low and did not know that was the problem, it only has 2000 kilo`s on it. anyway this time I got it done on warranty , I now have the rear springs set on number 4 to help the shocks and support the load, mu question is does anyone know the spring rate of the rear O.E.M.. SPRINGS, I am toying with the idea if this happens again to get s some what stiffer spring , but have spent hrs. trying to find info ,but no luck, trying to find new ones is no problem high lifter states that their springs are 25-30- % stiffer which is the area THAT I AM THINKING IF I DO REPLACE THE O.E.M. . any info would be great bob5701954
  6. yes , thanks for the comment , we are trying to stay out of the salmon spawning beds , so if we can build bridges , then it keeps the fishery dept. off our backs. it is quite sturdy , we use 2 large stingers to span the creek , then we have started using center supports for added strength and then there is no bounce . up here in northern b.c. , we got a lot of rain in nov.. and all our creeks rose between 4-5 ft. and friend of mine said we had some debris on top of it , but it held, but some of our other work was destroyed , so we will work on them next yr., we have now built 3 bridges , the oldest in the crew is 73, and I am the youngest at 62, thanks again
  7. bob5701954

    bob570 sportsman

    These are pictures of a bridge we built this yr. to help , keep the fisherys people off our backs, this way we help protect fish habitat, this bridge recently held up against some high water that left some debris on it , so that meant the water had risen at least 3-4 feet.
  8. bob5701954


  9. as we do a lot of trail clearing , and bridge building , so we do not destroy fish habitat. I needed to start carrying all my gear , so I started out by using a milk crate, but o get my saw off-on, and back again it was about 10min of screwing around. plus we use fire picks for moving dirt and stuff as well, so it is also a critical piece of our gear, so I decided to make one out of 3/4" pluwod and 2x6 `s . and abit of hardware and paint , I can now have the saw off and running in under 15 seconds, and the whole holder is removable , its held on by bungy cords. I will post some pics of it, all in all .I spent 10$ on it I forgot to mention I live up in northern british Columbia and we are alwayd having to carry saws cuz of the windfalls and other shit we run into on the trails I ride a 2016 polaris sportsman 570
  10. ok a friend of mine has a 2014 polaris rzr 800 , he has had lots of issues with the speedvane sensor , they cost about 80 $ up here in Canada , he has bought 2 already , and ther seem to be issues with them , and polaris does not want to come good for their crappy switches they have bought his question is , who ever came up with the by-pass , why did they select 6.8 ka of resistance . what is the significance of 6.8, thanks for any help, bob5701954
  11. bob5701954


    if this water was another 4-6 inches deeper ,It would be a no go
  12. I sunk my 2006 , as I did not know what I was doing on creek crossing , and it was a tuf little machine , but I decided to snorkel it , idid not buy the stock kit but I used sump pump hose and A.B.S.. FTGS. THE stock kit from Yamaha up here was 300 $ , idid mine for 80$ and a little imagination, I then tested it by mistake , I was actually in water up over the seat and nothing leaked, but it is gone now
  13. bob5701954

    Crossing the creek

    it is actually a glacier fed creek , that's why it has that blueish look to it
  14. this is an example of what my buddys and I like to besides riding , we like to open up the old logging spurs that have grown back in, cuz it is great riding , but it takes a lot of work and effort , and not everyone is into clearing trail, this photo was taken in the kitimat river valley , between terrace b.c. and kitimat, we had 5 guys that day,and got a lot done
  15. greeting everyone I`m bob , user name bob570sportsman , I live in northern b.c., Canada and love quadding , my 1 st bike I bought off my son s buddy was a 2006 Yamaha Kodiak , I loved the bike , except no power steering and on the old logging trails and rocky mountains we go up I needed a new one , plus being retired I put 9000 km on it ,in 2 yrs , as I am retired and would ride almost every day , so I bought a 2016 570 sportsman e.p.s.. love the pwr steering , we do most of our riding and trail clearing in the kitimat valley , and we are getting quite an extensive set of trails and loops that are connecting , plus we are in touch with the terrace b.c club so we help out on big trail clearing jobs, should have bought one of these 40 yrs. ago , but its never too late. for great scenery and riding try northern B.C. its great riding ,

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