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  1. Two things might be happening here, if your idle is set to high it would cause the clutch to "jump" which might give you gear grind or the clutch itself needs adj.
  2. You might want to read up on Namura piston/rings reviews
  3. some smoking is normal for a break-in period but if you are getting excessive smoke it could be the wrong size piston/ rings setup, were the rings in the correct order? were the ring breaks alternated on the piston? hope this helps!
  4. Hey just randy, when you cut the wire at the relay do you ground it and pig tail back to the relay? or just ground?
  5. In 1974 I was a Honda factory mechanic, but holy crap has everything changed, I Would rather work on my 1956 John Deere crawler than these new quads. What's up with 40 min to remove fenders just to test parts? That's pissin me off!
  6. Howdy Grizzly, the relay does not click nor does the neutral light come on. So I actually bump started it and suddenly the neutral light was working, then later I was moving the bike in reverse and when i pushed the shifter to forward no neutral light once again. At this point if I shut off the machine the starter will not function. my guess is the neutral switch is in the lead pos before the neutral relay and starter relay and is malfunctioning. MBG, what do you think?
  7. hey everyone, after my oil light came on I shut my KQ down to let it cool. 6 hrs later pos 1 on key no neutral light pos 2 lights come on no start ta both pos. 36 hrs later turned on key neutral light on and start , any ideas.?
  8. Hey everybody hope your'e all well, haven't posted for a while cuz its all been good, however today I was mowing and the oil temp light came on so I retreated to a shady spot and let the machine cool off for about 4 hrs. Went back out ot finish some mowing but key on 1st pos no response. 2nd pos lights . all good no recoil start?Maybe I'm just to old to pull it that many times.( two in the past?)So is there a oil temp switch that kills the motor and whats the reset?I just replaced the starter relay and battery is good? Any help is appreciated, cuz the grass just keeps growing '98 LTF4WDX
  9. First make sure you have the transfer case controls in the right positions, also try in low reverse and high. check that the transmission has fluid, check e-brake. Other than that it might need a trip to a mechanic. does that model have 4 wheel drive?
  10. Did you change out the oil, if not I suggest you do, but before you toss out the oil swirl a magnet through it and see if any metal fragments show up. Not being familiar with these does it have a cam chain? If so maybe something there/ tensioner? Like I said I'm unfamiliar with these.
  11. I did remove and heat bent it, worked fine except it removed most of the paint also🙄 so sand job and repaint but only had purple Rustoleum, don't tell anyone! It's like wearing flowered underwear😎
  12. So everything back together, no left over bolts/nuts or screws WTF! Any way determined the rear brake was sticking causing life to be a drag🙄 a real bear removing the drum as it must have rusted /welded itself on, had to use a puller to remove. Guess it was that run through the lower flooded pasture last yr and not pulling it off then and cleaning, won't make that mistake again brake cam lobe had so much corrosion it wouldn't budge, hence the shoes won't retract. Oh well, what else to do in spare time, LOL. Maybe now I can go mow my 4' tall grass/weeds. I have a spare ignition if someone needs it.
  13. hi everyone , after removing my front fender assy. I noticed the right hand fender brace was bent down about 1-1/4", can these be cold bent or should heat be used?

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