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  2. my buddy had a Honda Rincon with 25k on it before his cousin wrapped it around a tree. regular fluid changes go a long way at keeping them running great
  3. 13/38 is stock, if you are not worried about top speed I would go to a 39 for a bit more grunt
  4. My uncle had a Big Red and my cousin and I started getting into trouble with it at a young age
  5. chances are it's already tightened as much as it can be and you'll need a new chain and sprockets. the carrier is not the stock one so when it was changed it was probably not greased, you'd most likely need to pull the axle and pound it out
  6. got a 2008 Honda Rincon and a 2006 Honda 450r
  7. I got an old Garmin handheld and upload in MapSource, slowly getting a map of all the trails around here
  8. just lean to the left so you don't need to adjust your grip, it's not like you are going very fast at full lock
  9. I use a couple Erickson 2" retractable ratcheting straps, plenty strong and easy to use
  10. I wrench on my own quads, they are pretty easy to work on

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