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  1. Just wanted to post a pic and video of my new outy. I didn't want to embed, but I wanted to share the video. Admins/Mods, I will not be offended if you take the video down, but I can not seem to get it to post without embedding. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt2uruDOSb4]YouTube - 2009 Can Am Outlander 800R XT[/ame]
  2. Not real sure. I know it is begging for a dual exhaust. The plastics will remain. Skids will probably be the first thing that goes on it. It comes with respectable tires for factory so I'm not going there yet. It honestly has all the power you could want for everyday riding. I hardly have any miles on it yet, but I am picking out some things that it needs.
  3. It wasn't a bad difference per say, but it was def. noticable. That is the reason I have 4, 450 weights to go in the clutch. This simple mod should give it back the bottom end that was taken by the tires/wheels. Sense it's sold (I think), I'm not going to put them in, but I will send them with the quad so the new owner can do if they choose.
  4. I think I'll just love on it for awhile. LOL. This machine (800RXT) is awesome!
  5. Well, the grizz is all but gone. I just picked up a 2009 Camo Outlander 800Rxt. First response? :leghump:
  6. I might be skipping the price catagory, but he ITP Holeshots are great all round tires.
  7. I wear a Fox MX Helmet. It's "ok" as far as fitment. My lil one wears a full face as well.
  8. Yeah...I've seen those. If I were going to spend that much I'd probably go with one of these: CLICK HERE FOR THE MOUNTAIN GOAT TRAILER
  9. Nice trailer. The length of it makes it easy to back up. I recently purchased a trailer for hauling things as well. No lights and I doubt it backs as well as yours but it appears to be quality built and fairly stable. I will put it through the works to find out. lol
  10. FWIW, some friends just went on a pretty good ride and the terra's out peformed the bighorns. Of course they were in wooded terrain for the most part. I'm not so sure this would have been true if they were on extreme rock. Later
  11. Any FOB (Forward Operating Base) in Iraq or Afgan is going to have them (except maybe the most remote ones). I promise. You will also find them everywhere in the rear bases. Heck, we have 2 John Deere Gators in my motor pool. God Speed to your buddy.
  12. It was recently switched to new software and over the last couple days have changed hosts and did a server upgrade. Common over anytime you like. I'm not trying to steal traffic, just a friendly invite. Need anything while your over there just gimme a shout. I had never seen this site before yesterday. Kinda cool when you find a new ATV Forum. It's amazing what we can learn from other sites too. Hope you don't mind me pokin round here. I will keep link backs to a minimum or not at all if that's the rules. -Gun
  13. Thanks for the compliments. I listed most of the mods below although I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I haven't done much power wise; just a few bolt on things. I just wanted to trick this quad a bit on the cosmetic side. The paint is a process called water transfer printing and it is pretty much a paint job complete with automotive grade clear coat. Oh yeah. She's for sale on ebay (item number: 180297349840). I hate to sell her but change is ever present in my life. 1. WATER TRANSFER PRINT GRAPHICS W/ BED LINER UNDERCOAT 2. NEW 26x14 MAXXIS BIGHORN TIRES 3. NEW ITP SS112 14 RIMS (LIFETIME WARRANTY) 4. NEW TRAIL TECH HANDLE BARS (HI-RISE) 5. NEW ROX PIVOT HANDLEBAR MOUNT 6. NEW ROX HANDLEBAR CENTER PIECE 7. NEW POWERMADD HAND GUARDS 8. NEW ROX HAND GUARD MOUNTS 9. NEW CUSTOM BRAKE RESEVOIR COVER 10. NEW CUSTOM THROTTLE COVER 11. NEW TPI VALVE AIRBOX VENT (x2) 12. NEW DIAL-A-JET 13. NEW DIAL-A-JET SNORKEL 14. NEW FMF POWERLINE EXHAUST 15. UNI FILTER 16. CUSTOM MADE SHIFT KNOB 17. EXTENDED HEIGHT FOOT PEGS 18. WARN 2500lb WINCH 19. Spider Grips
  14. Just thought I'd post a pic of my quad in the "modify your ride" thread.

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