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  1. Dave Weisbrodt

    2000 Kawasaki Bayou KLF300c Starter Rebuild

    Just buy a used starter!
  2. Dave Weisbrodt

    KLF300 Manual

    Almost at 10 posts, and then I can download!
  3. Dave Weisbrodt

    93 bayou 400 4x4 loud noisy metallic chatter

    Could also be valves needing adjustment.
  4. Dave Weisbrodt

    Kawasaki Bayou 300 Need Help

    New plug, or stator.
  5. Dave Weisbrodt

    Starter replacement. 2000 Kawasaki Bayou 300 4x4

    You have to hold yer mouth right, and prayin never hurt either! Good luck!
  6. Dave Weisbrodt

    Promo Code ProCaliber 5%

    Sweet thanks!
  7. Dave Weisbrodt

    1986-2006 Kawasaki Bayou 300 Service Manual

    Can’t wait to be done these 10 posts so I can download the stupid manual!
  8. Dave Weisbrodt

    Kawasaki ATV Service Manuals

    I’m with Max from the last post!
  9. Dave Weisbrodt

    getting my first quad, need help

    I’d start with a name brand four stroke of at least 500cc’s. Just don’t get crazy with overly aggressive tires!