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  1. bdaigleyamaha

    Mudding Yamaha

    great video
  2. bdaigleyamaha

    Mudding Mayhem!

    thats some serious mud
  3. bdaigleyamaha

    ATV Mudding Montage!

    super cool!
  4. bdaigleyamaha

    new here!

    is it best to stick with oem parts or are aftermarket parts jsut as good. for example rear brakes.
  5. bdaigleyamaha

    new here!

    any advise on where are good places to shop for atv parts.
  6. bdaigleyamaha

    new here!

    Hey everyone, im new here just got a 2005 kodiak 400 and looking for some advice on repairing it.. as of right now its not able to let go of the throttle to put it in gear.. it dies when letting off the throttle.. i can hear it popping from the exhaust. it has been sitting outside for several years. my plan is to remove the old gas, change oil, oil filter. see if there is a fuel filter. replace if there is one. fix the rear outer cv boot. im not sure but im thinking my problem is due to the carb.. any advise would be great
  7. bdaigleyamaha

    Do You Use GPS For ATV Trails?

    never have but sounds like a good idea
  8. bdaigleyamaha

    My quad idles but dies when i put in gear

    For me im unable to get the atv in gear without it stalling. As soon as I let go of the throttle it dies on me. I figured the carb must be bad, out of tune or needing to be cleaned..
  9. bdaigleyamaha

    My quad idles but dies when i put in gear

    ive got the same issue with my 2005 yamaha kodiak 400