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  1. ah i wish i could take credit i was just quoting @Kent Mettler as it was great information!
  2. New member here just wanted to say thanks for all the information provided by members of the forums!
  3. this is actually very useful thanks for the information!
  4. old topic but anythings possible if you have access to a welder but with a engine that small im sure you could make brackets to mount with any frame mods
  5. never thought of running a cable thats to long. thats a much easier idea then wedging the slide.
  6. i prefer honda and yamahas all the way. preferably the 80s 2 stroke era but i will take any yamaha or honda as long as it doesnt come out of thailand also have afew china clones of the trx90 motor which actually function pretty well but cant say i would recommend them as i have acquired few for a reason... lol
  7. this topic is ridiculous tho i will take the free post count there is a 10 post minimum for a reason.
  8. an hour east you got the ganaraska conservation area, great trails but you pay to play
  9. cant go wrong with the big bears or old yamaha moto 4 2wd semi auto hi lo rev
  10. just stay away from wiesco, i can vouch for the namura top end kits but the wiesco pistons are horrible in my opinion, they like to heat seize and expand alot faster then stock.
  11. if there is no throttle limiter installed you can always use a wedge in the carburetor slide to stop it from opening so much.

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