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  1. I dont have a sewing machine. It's a contoured seat.. but $34 didn't seem to bad and it fit good
  2. I dont like doing upholstery work.. but cant afford for someone else to do it for me so here's my go at it... picked up the staple gun at harbor freight 1/4" long staples... ordered the cover off of ebay.. the guys said to get this material as it is more forgiving... it's like a tweed nylon stuff... and not the fake leather stuff... here are the before... I did trim the old one so it wasn't rippling under the new one..but held the foam on the seat back..in pics is what was left of old one after I trimmed it... Not to bad
  3. I would not cut boot.. just unhose clamp it and pull boot back to get a better look... if you cant just take it apart... boots can be $$$$ and that one doesn't look to bad
  4. Here is what I would do... that is a NPT fitting... get thread tape (pipe dope)... find you a NTP plug with a piggy back plug. Thread tape the new plug with piggy back and never remove it again... use the piggy back to drain from... the NPT fittings are tapered cut threads so they get tighter as you screw them in deeper so be careful you can bust the case easy with that thread type... but they seal easier when you cant use a gasket...
  5. Go to admins post for my up load click on it here... then scroll down till you find write a review... this will help tell others that the file is what it says it is and that it is complete. Thank you
  6. If the manual worked for you please post up a review on it... I find it's hard to read write color in the schematics other then that seems complete...
  7. View File 1999-2002 Kawasaki KVF300 Prairie Service Manual 1999-2002 Kawasaki KVF300 Prairie Service & Repair Manual Submitter Spartacus Stroppel Submitted 08/25/2019 Category Kawasaki ATV  
  8. For the cheap carbs you have to get the right size needle and seats and orfice for the engine you are putting it on.. the ones that come with the carb are wrong... it took me a long time to get mine to run decent with a China carb... I had to order all the right guts for it... in short new carb took more time and money to set up if you got a rebuild able oem one.
  9. I just uploaded the repair manual you are wanting. It says it will need to be approved by admin so I dont know how long that takes
  10. 10 downloads

    1999-2002 Kawasaki KVF300 Prairie Service & Repair Manual
  11. check the rear rims. a lot of time the offset is different from front to rear... maybe he just swapped them without paying any attention...when he put on new tires
  12. just like a self tapper in wood... you might get away with taking it in and out 2 times but its cutting threads "its own new threads" everytime you take it in and out... thats why the piggy back is so....important..... it is not self tapping its a mini drain plug in the self tappeting drain plug... here a pic say a thousand words... see start of thread its that way to cut threads this is a single oversize... see the mini drain plug in the center this is where you would do your oil changes for this piont forward
  13. with a over size drain plug atleast in the auto world you dont tap the hole.. the drain plug is made like a self tapping screw as it cuts its on threads... this is why the piggy back is important you dont want to take the drain plug in and out as it cuts its own threads (the one im talking about)
  14. if you can find the thread size and pitch. auto parts places have what is call a one oversized drain plug but try and find a one over size drain plug with piggy back... this is a drain plug with another drain plug in it...that way you wont have to deal with the stripped one. you take out the piggy back and drain there...
  15. and thank you for the pionters kent... and everyone... i have been known to miss things either by not knowing or just in a hurry. i would have to agree tuning of carbs is dieing. even with me. i been doing more efi building on stuff then carb anymore (mostly in car stuff)

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