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  2. Thanks, my local dealer said he can't sell me the manuel, I'll look around
  3. Hello all, anybody know the torque spec. when installing the primary clutch? Thanks, Al
  4. Hey Xrocket, I had a 99' 400 and my niece has about the same quad as you, You can try bikebandit.com or The Polaris web site has a parts breakdown if you set up an account, 2001 Polaris SCRAMBLER 500 4X4 (A01BG50(AA)(AB)) OEM Parts, 2001 Polaris SCRAMBLER 500 4X4 (A01BG50(AA)(AB)) OEM ATV Parts - BikeBandit.com Also, the transfer case fill should be between the foot rest and the frame, I found it easier to remove the right side footrest (for filling), and you can get to the grease zerks on the drive shaft. I have used ATF fluid in the front hubs, a little cheaper than the polaris hub fluid, ( I had small leaks ) I think the front transfer case uses gear lube My rear foot brake worked good, but my Trailboss needs to be bled about twice a year

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