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  1. I don't know anything about the ATV. I saw 2 ATVs sitting under the carport of a vacant house for 5 year's, pitch black at night, passed the house one day on my way home and finally saw someone there. I ran off the road and jumped out saying ' finally somebody's here ' we talked a bit and he gave me a price. $700 for both of them, Kawasaki Bayou 300 4x4 and a Suzuki Quadmaster 500 4x4. Brought them home, put gas and a battery in the Kaw and been riding it since. Suzuki needed a rectifier and a battery, carburetor kit then fired right up. The speedo showed 525 miles on the Suzuki when I got it.
  2. Thanks again sir, I just saw this post so I will try that first thing in the morning.
  3. It was leaning really bad before I put the lift kit on it, which is 4 little squares of metal that bolts to the end of the shock. They are all on it correctly. I put new bushings on the a arms, which was not easy to do and they weren't crushed. I'm going to order new ball joints and see what that does. I can visualize one more thing to try but will wait until I do the ball joints to reveal.
  4. Hello again guys ,. I have a Quadmaster that has a very bad lean to my passenger side wheel. I replaced the a arm bushings with no change in the lean, I see no bent parts and no adjustments available. It's always been there since I got it but became really noticeable when I put the lift kit on it. I'm going to add a picture of the problem if allowed.
  5. Great reply, thank you very much. The thing ran great as long as I rode it, then got my Quadmaster going and stopped riding it. It got rained on a few times, so when I tried to crank it last week I got nothing, no neutral light, wouldn't turn over Nada. I ordered a new solenoid thinking that was it, it arrives today. So I will use your info and see what happens. Another issue I have with the Quadmaster but will start a new thread for it, maybe you will have a answer for that as well. Thanks again.
  6. Yes sir, and has wires plugged into it. I have been trying to download the manual you have here with no luck.
  7. Looks like a ton of fun, I think it's time I found some groups of riders around here to have fun with. Northwest Florida
  8. No black Friday shopping for me unless it's online.
  9. Does anyone know what the 3rd item is behind the battery on this ATV ? I know 1 is the, solenoid1 is the CDI box, what is the 3rd.
  10. Don't knock patching something till you tried it. A rod came loose in my hotrod Briggs go-cart motor, hole size of a golf ball, bent a plate of aluminum, drilled 4 holes slapped on the silicon bolted it up. Worked like a charm. Hahaha I had to try.
  11. Hello Guys, I'm new to the site, but have been reading about all the issues that I to have had with my quad. I have rebuilt the carb a few times, once when I got it a few years ago and again a few weeks ago. Same problem, it cranks fine and idles well but when I take off it stumbles. After looking at the site I saw all the posts about the rectifier/regulator so I grabbed one off eBay which came today. Once I found out where it went I saw that the original one wasn't there so I have no reference however I mounted it and began to connect it but one the plugs doesn't fit. The red/black plug connected fine but the yellow wire plug doesn't, and I don't see any other plugs available. Apparently the guy I bought it from had removed the original regulator and it wasn't with the ATV so I have no idea what it looks like. I will also say that I was surprised that it didn't have a rectifier on it but cranked and ran fine till the stumble. My question is, do those yellow wires have to be hooked up ? And my apologies for the rambling, I'm doing this on a phone and can't see the screen. Hahaha

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