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  1. Would the oil pressure have anything to do with this. There is no oil pressure gauge on this but the is a plug and was thinking of making up a gauge to fit in it and see where it's at.
  2. But with this having lifters there is no timing chain it's all gears as far as I can see from manual, did not see a timing chain on this or am I missing something.
  3. But with this having lifters there is no timing chain it's all gears as far as I can see from manual, did not see a timing chain on this or am I missing something.
  4. No I have not checked the timing. I turned the motor by hand and all the rockers move up and down but three out of four will have that slop when tdc. Didn't think it would jump time being it's a sprocket but will check to verity.
  5. I hace a 2002 polaris 700 sportsman, it has a knock coming from the top end. It will run but no power at all. I took the valve cover off and three out of the four rockers have a lot of play in them when tdc. I mean there is like a quarter inch play between rocker and valve. Does this mean all three lifters are bad?
  6. Ok well got the puller and new chain and gasket Saturday. Took the old chain out and laid it next to new one and you can defently see it was stretched. Put new one on and all back together. Made sure timing was good. It fired right up and ran smooth. Let it idle for a little bit no leaks or anything. Took it out for a small ride and runs better then before for sure. Thanks for your help Frank.
  7. I never knew about it. And sure will never forget about it now. He said it had something to do with CA laws. I guess just in case it ever found its way out there but I don't know for sure.
  8. I had the exact same problem with mine. I replace the cdi and changed it over from DC to ac using a conversion kit I got from a shop in Canada but still had the same problem. A friend came over one day and we got to talking about it and he was like can I take a look, sure why not. He took the carb out and drilled out the brass plug for a needed that was underneath of it. Made an adjustment to it and put back in. It ran like it was new. No problems since, 70 mph, and felt like it even had a little more get up and go from a dead stop. Hope this helps, I could have saved a lot of money and time if he would have stopped over for a beer sooner lol.
  9. I use 2 2" straps on opposite corners if just going around town, no long distance hauls or highway. If I'm going long distance then I'll use 4 2" straps and make sure it's centered on trailer correctly. If not you will know it when you get on the highway. If you do notice it swaying back and forth, stop and make it right. I have seen people think it will be ok I'm not going far. And the trailer ends up flipping. Just a reminder safety first.
  10. Ok well once I get the flywheel off and can get to them and chain I'll take out to. Thanks for the info. so far.
  11. No I did not order new guides, is it a good practice to replace them as well so they are like a matching set with the chain. Ordered just the chain and gasket for case
  12. I looked at where cam sits and covers. There were no marks or anything anywhere. Rotated cam by hand with wrench on rotor nut under pull start to look for any type of score marks on cam and nothing again, everything was tight and no movement or slop at all. That's when I decided to check the timing marks. Sorry I didn't think to take any pics of it while doing it.
  13. Well here is what I found so far. The valves and cam look good no slop or anything, gap is right on both. So I took the timing chain cover off and there is way to much stack in it. Took the tensioner out and it's in good working condition. Put it back in and it never even got close to taking up the slack. Took the plug out to check timing marks and it is out of time by like 3 teeth. So going to order a new timing chain but need to get a 35m 1.5 thread flywheel puller. They want 110 for new one, but found one on ebay for 25. So waiting on them to show up and go from there.
  14. Ok I just got home from work and it's raining so no yard work today time to play in the garage a little and see what I find
  15. Ok thanks Frank it gives me a starting place.
  16. Hello I'm new here and not sure on where this should be posted but here goes. I have a 2007 Kawasaki 360 4x4, it started to make a small knocking sound and few weeks ago. I checked all the normal things and didn't find anything. I just used it around the house as my yard machine, no real heavy loads or stress on it. And it ran fine with no problems. Well one day I went to roll my yard with my roller that i filled with sand. It put the 4wheeler under a load for the first time, well it ran fine for about 20 mins then i stopped to do something and it started but there was nothing there. It would not rev up enough to engage the belt drive and the knock got a lot louder. Sounds like the knock is coming from the top end. And ideas in where to start. I have worked on some stuff and mechanically inclined just never tore into an engine before.
  17. Hello I have a 2002 polaris 700 sportsman. Looking for a repair manual cuz i think it's out of time. It will run but with a small knock on top end and no power
  18. I have a 2002 polaris 700 sportsman. I think the timing is off cuz it will run but with a small knock coming from the top end and has no power. Looking on trying to see how to check the timing on it.

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