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  1. Buying a new set can be expensive but finding a decent used one could be worth every penny
  2. I love fixing quads I just got a new project as well
  3. I prep by planing my first ride bringing way more then I need to take care of obstacles For the first ride but other then that change the oils check everything and make sure it’s running right
  4. I use 1” to 2” depending on how far I need to go
  5. I run 2-3 pounds under what’s stated it gives me a bit more grip for my riding conditions
  6. Dennis Kirk I would say for a little bit cheaper parts and fast shipping
  7. The are a lot of big trails like Hatfield-McCoy and some other ones in it near Virginia. They are good and long.
  8. I’ve never have but I also have never needed one. I might try it out to map out my local trails
  9. Miles and hours aren’t everything I have quads with 30000+ miles and still work like new. Your best bet is to find one for a reasonable price and go test drive it
  10. CF Moto it is a Chinese brand but they are quickly gaining popularity. I bought a new 500s last year and I’ve beat the hell out of it and it still starts and drives like brand new
  11. I was around 8 when I got my first quad but I can’t remember kind it was
  12. My dad had me on dirt bikes and quads basically since I could walk

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