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  1. This looks like fun to buy referb and flip. Looks like something me son would love to do. Ive gotten him into working of the smaller engines and hes addicted, I bet he would have a blast doing this. Definitely gonna have to start looking in my area.
  2. Great article. I like to use the Gunk cleaner with the basket also. I would love an ultrasonic cleaner and they remove dang near everything. I hate seeing what the ethanol in gas is doing to carbs now.
  3. Great info. Its amazing how technology has evolved from the early ignition systems
  4. What is the best fuel mix ratio to use in a 250. I have deleted the oil injector. I have seen anything from 50:1 to 32:1. Figured someone here would have had experience and know the best ratio.
  5. had some friends invite me to a weekend event at an ATV park and got hooked immediately.
  6. Would this work for the 570 Ace also? they have the same engine and all I need are engine specs. I don't see why it wouldn't. Thanks
  7. James Roscoe

    James Roscoe

  8. What is the best block off kit to delete the oil injector on a 1992 Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4. I have already disconnected it but I need to remove it so it doesn't grenade the engine. Thanks for the input.
  9. looking for two different manuals. 1st. 2018 Polaris Ace 570 and 2nd. 1992 Polaris Trail Boss 250 4x4. Thanks

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