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  1. I recently bought a 2000 warrior that needed motor work. I got it all put back together and can't figure out why I have no electric coming on, it has a new battery with 12.5v the fuse is good and I believe I have all the ground wires connected. Any help or suggestions?
  2. Look into a plastic welder, they have them on eBay just have to get the right color filler rod
  3. the blaster is notorious for having the air tube boot slip off the carb, check there for your air leak, it will cause it to over run even when key is turned off. the easiest way to stop it fast is slow it down pull in the clutch upshift to 6th and drop the clutch, it'll stall the motor if your slow enough don't forget to hold the brakes just in case. you could have blown the motor with out seizing it still though
  4. Thanks, but I'm trying to get dimensions off the raptors to see if their a arms fit for possibly a cheaper set of extended arms and hydrolic disk brakes for my buddys daughter
  5. Are you sure your carb adjustments are correct and didn't get moved when you cleaned them?
  6. i've noticed that yamaha likes to use the same basic parts alot thru their quads, i'm wondering if anyone can supply me with some dimensions of the a-arm mounts to see if they would be a possible alternative for a blaster. i am looking for the widths of the top mount and the width of the lower mount with the spacing between. thanks

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