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  1. I own a 1996 Kingquad 300. I am not a big fan of front drum brakes. Are there any disc brake kits out there (universal or specific) I can use with my ATV?
  2. So I took out the carb and cleaned it. I also put some new sealant / gasket stuff on the top cover / diaphragm cover. It idles a lot better now. I actually took it out for a QUICK ride. It's working pretty well. Now that I know it runs (and decently well at that) I can focus on 1) front brakes, 2) rear brake, 3) tuning, 4) anything else that comes up...lol All I can say is that a manual is a must, plain and simple!
  3. Can someone explain to me how the choke works on a Kingquad? I think (since the cable is not installed / rusted) it's keeping my engine from running right. I may need the whole new plunger assembly but can't find one online. If I can fix the cable, all I would need is a new spring.
  4. I have 2mths until hunting season. And if done right, this will last me YEARS. No need to rush it...
  5. Well, there are two possibilities. I think the small cable is the choke or something. I think the easiest thing (to be honest) is to wait for the manual...lol
  6. I am new but also need help. I thought I would combine the two posts here. My name is Francisco and recently I acquired a used 300cc King-quad. I am going to use it for fun, but mainly for woods / hunting. It starts and runs, but when I gas it...it just dies pretty much. I have ordered my manual, but it won't be here for a few days at least. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. I have fixed a couple things on it already. I have fixed the winch and installed a ignition switch. However, there are a couple things I very much need help on. 1) The left hand handlebar. Where does that wire / cable go? Right now it is rusted and i am trying to free it at the handlebar. However when I removed the seat, the cable is just laying there...I think...lol 2) How do I adjust the A/F ratio? Is it the screw next to gas inlet and some other screw I saw on there?

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