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  1. I was teaching my girlfriends lil bro to jump just yesterday. Remember, never, ever, let off the gas at the last moment. And on some smaller jumps and slower speeds you may need to give at alittle blurp of gas as you go up it,so you do not nose dive. It takes some practice, just dont ever think your the shit cause thats when youll case. It happens to me alot, lol. Side note - thats how i transport my atvs too. wish i had a trailer.
  2. Aw too bad im at school, ill post mine up with the bikes in it after i get my 33s installed friday. looks great and for that price, cant beat it.
  3. Ive got a slip on HMF which is great, i love the sound of it and all but its alittle loud for night riding so im looking for something else. Im open to buying a pipe for cheap or maybe even a trade for a quiter pipe but not stock, must be nice aftermarket.
  4. Much of it is farm land but there are enough woods to get lost in. lol much of it dosnt have trails, i just ride around in the woods, i kno the area well so im never too lost. but im into making some good trails so if anyone is ever up this way i could use the help. your more then welcome to stop in.
  5. why would u wanna live here ?
  6. can u find me a manual for the 03 z400 for free ?
  7. Hey new to the forum, looks better then the last atv forum i was on... Im in brunington, va - near king william i own a 07 trx250 and a 03 z400 that needs some work. valves suck if anyone is in the are i have around 500 acres of land that needs some trails so hit me up and come on out.

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