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  2. first of my friend there is no such bike as a yamaha bayou lol check your air tube and if that isn't the problem check your cdi what i've seen is it will start and pop as soon as you give it a little gas it get worse till it stop or the other thing you might want to check is your lean setting put your hand over the carb and block it off if the motor speeds up you are to lean
  3. well boys and gals it looks like i found my problem i changed cvt switch no luck i change the tip over switch no luck replace pickup coil no luck that's when i got real mad switch out wiring harness that's when i came to the problem the ( ignition switch) it was not push in good and didn't have a good contact put the spark plugs back in boy she run good man we'll go muddying by Sunday can't wait anyway thank folk for your input Michael w :laugh::laugh:
  4. i will try resetting the belt switch or the cvt or what ever they call it i did replace the coil very weak spark like i say will try and re set cvt switch will keep you posted thank eh mike
  5. guys and gals I have a 2002 Kawasaki 650 praire it sparks once on each cylinder then stops i have replace wire harness, CID, regulator some one please help and why only 1 time if it was the pickup coil it would not spark at all need help thank eh
  6. i change out cdi from friends quad guess what runs very good will hit 7000 rpm now. phone Honda dealer wants $400.00 for new one but found a used one at a bike recyclers for 40.00 so got my finger crossed it works thank for the reply so on till next time thank eh mike
  7. no its not the carb when i put my volt meter on the input side of the coil i can see the volt start at 40volt @ 1500rpm the 210volt @ 3900rpm then nothing till it droppers back into the 3000 rpm range then i got volt again or when i put my timing light on the same thing light flashes till 4000 rpm then noting like it would have a rpm limiter i got a friend coming over with the same Honda i will try swapping the cdi i will keep you posted thanks
  8. hi guy need help on this one my trx450 start good idle good when i rev it it 4000 i lose the spark and it miss and back fires what could be the problem run fine till up to 4000 rpm but will some time go to 5500 no problem
  9. never mind guy he sold me the wrong rear end i needed a rear end for a trx450s i got a rear end for a recon 500 thank guys
  10. hello everybody iam new here goes some one stole my rear axle from my trx450s so i found another one the guy didn't know from what bike its from so can someone please help me the rear brake system is bigger than my old one because the dust cover is to small from my old one the new brake drum measure 8+.125 across by 2.15 wide the axle lookes the same shocks fit rim fit swing arm fits so i dont know

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