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  1. i have an 03 400 thats the same way. i haven't got it fixed but it has something to do with the diapram not working right. i don't have the money to take mine into the shop i do all my work myself. if you get it figured out let me know
  2. took the carb off and took the float apart there was a bunch of crap in it. claened it out and still leaks. must be that rubber point that seals the fuel from entering. thanx dirt demon. i think i am going to leave the flywheel cause my wife is the only one who rides it and she goes slow. besides i bought the bike for 300 and a new flywheel is about 400-500.
  3. ok so i recently bought a 2003 arctic cat 400 4x4. i bought it cheap cause it didn't have spark, so i found the magnents fell off flywheel. i J.B. welded them back on and bike runs. i had one clogged jet. i took the fuel shut off valve out off tank to clean valve plus tank and found two small filters on valve were basically disintigrated. do i need to replace or could i put a inline filter in. the fuel was running out the overflow before and i didn't know if it was getting to much fuel since the filters were torn and opened up.

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