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  1. This is a picture of me and was taken by a friend.
  2. LOL gotta love the mud!!
  3. It started for me on Christmas of 1986 when me and my twin brother each got brand new Honda TRX70's. I've always loved ATV's and have had many since then. This year I joined a couple local atv clubs and it's been great. I still have my original Honda TRX 70 and someday my son will ride it ounce he's old enough!
  4. I've also never heard anything bad about them. The 1000's did have a water pump recall in 2008 but I'm not sure if 2009 was included.
  5. Cool. Been thinking about building one for a while. I plan to use it with my Ipod.
  6. Good morning! Raining here also but atleast it isn't snow! LOL
  7. Since I was a little kid I've always wanted a Honda Pilot.
  8. Thanks! Our first child (boy) is due December 8th and I can't wait for him to ride it when he gets older!! It's so awesome do know that my son will be riding the same ATV I rode when I was a kid!!

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