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  1. Ok, i have a 2007 polaris predator 500 and it needs an engine upgrade. i already have a trinity stage 4 exbaust, 15 tooth sprocket and shaved fenders. its not enough juice, so im looking into the 558 bbk. the kit will come with a 12:5 compression piston, sleeves, pins and the whole 9 yards. ive looked up you need to run a carb from a trx450r, is this true? and does the carb have to be year specific? how much would it cost for everything to be installed? and can you run 93 octane pump with this big bore?
  2. hi i have a 2007 polaris predator 500. it currently has. -trinity stage 4 exhaust -170 main jet -15 tooth front sprocked (for more topend) -shaved front fenders. i just do NOT get it. i clocked it and it redlines at only 78mph. i want to do over 80 but still have good acceleration and be within a budget. can anybody have any suggestions of what else i should do?
  3. yeah this is a new plug. i just put a 15 tooth front sprocket on it and its faster.
  4. hey guys i have a 2007 polaris predator 500 with a trinity stage IV exhaust system on it and the jetting has been set to 170 on the main. would i be considered running lean? i took out my old spark plug, which had a peanut butter color, and my new spark plug is a dark gray on the base but theres no white on it.

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