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  2. Hello Forum Members. I have a 2001 TRX 250 Recon that I purchased about 6 months ago and now experiencing problems with the main fuse blowing when I rev up the engine. Let me give a little history on the ATV. The previous owner says that the battery is approximately 1 to 1 1/2 years old. The ATV will start when jumped, but will not restart immediately after turning off ATV. If the battery is charged while out of the ATV, the battery will last about about a week until it's dead. The ATV ran great, the only problem I had was the engine would stall after a hard acceleration. A quick pull on the pull start and I was good to go (battery would not crank motor). I installed a new battery and that is when I started having the problem of the 15A Main fuse blowing. I would start the motor and rev it a couple times and then the fuse would blow. I replaced the battery with the old one and replaced the fuse, thinking the new battery was the problem, and the same thing happened. Did the installation of a new battery cause my problem? I read in other posts about the regulator/rectifier being the cause of the main fuse blowing, so I unplugged it and the problem wasn't resolved. Any ideas or places to start looking? Could it be a bad alternator being it sounds as though the battery wasn't charging? Thanks in advanced for all replies! Phil
  3. I recently bought a 2001 TRX250 recon. The atv pulls to the left when traveling on hard surfaces. Doesn't seem to pull much off road. I checked the tire pressure. Is there a way to s=check the "front end alignment? Any other ideas??? Phil
  4. I understand the function of the choke and its use for starting a cold engine. I just dont know if the choke is on when the choke lever is pushed up or down.
  5. Dear forum members, I recently purchased a 1987 LT230E Quadrunner and it didn't come with a owners manual. My question is what position does the choke lever need to be in to start a cold engine? Pushed up or down? Is there a way to adjust the choke? I have a Clymers repair manual but nothing is mentioned ablut the choke for the chain driven model. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Phil
  6. I looked at bikebandit.com. I also found the assembly at Vinces cycles and the body is made from aluminum. I think that this the route Im taking.
  7. I'm looking for a bearing carrier assembly for a 1987 Suzuki LT230E atv. Any ideas where I can find one for a reasonable price? I also need to replace all bearings in the swing arm. I just purchased the atv, how do I determine which rear wheel the atv has, h, j, k etc..... Thanks for your help. wonl2

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