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  2. My 1995 300 2wd used 30 weight motor oil and I believe it was 3 or 4 ounces. I would just add the oil and run it some and drain and refill. The oil filter on my 95 was above the oil fill hole. Take the plastic cover off and then see the 3 triangular bolts that hold the housing cap on.
  3. it only dies if you stop sussenly with the brakes and hands off the throttle I will not die if you give it gas. I am sure its a fuel related problem tied to the float and possibly the slow jet. thoughts?
  4. UI have a 2007 Eiger that dies if I stop suddenly while going downhill. I runs great on uphill and level. Any thoughts on this problen? thanks Tacomaj
  5. I don't water ride but the previous owner never did one ounce of maintenance on this machine. I t does run and drive out ezcellent. I agree the bearings are going bad on the left side. I just inspected it further and I also have up and down play. I just bought this machine last week and had to replace the right front bearing and front brake pads. The left front bearing was like new upon inspection. No foreign particles in there or water sign. Any body pulled the rear bearings before on an Eiger? If so can you advise the proper steps. My thoughts are: Go rent a slide hammer puller and buy ret ring pliers. I believe it will be fairly easy like the front bearing was. thanks Tacomaj1, Manchester, Tn
  6. I have a small amout of axle movement in the left side axle. You can only feel it when its jacked up. Am I about to have some trouble? Any thoughts? thanks

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