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  2. I've just had one from kadiatu11 and sent the info to admin so please be aware guys!!!!
  3. Well just a quick update, I've just had a test ride on a Kazuma, and I'm left undecided. It's basically old Honda designed technology. It was OK, but I can't say I was left reaching for my card to pay a deposit. Maybe I've been spoilt by big brand quads I've ridden. To make matters even more confusing I went to my local Polaris & Yamaha dealer yesterday to look at quads, but they had the new Ranger RZR 900 in which caught my eye....
  4. Hi Swampcat07, erm no I'll not be bringing my own ATV from England, the excess baggage may be a little much! lol
  5. My problem is I forget the vast distances you guys have, I see 2 places and think it would be good to see both, then realise there's several hundred miles between them! lol
  6. Both look pretty cool I'll do a bit more research on them! Thanks.
  7. I've been looking into a trip to the US and thought it would be cool to hit some trails. Can anyone recommend where would be best to go, both trail wise and quad hire wise, oh and friendly people who'll not give you grief!!?
  8. Sorry I know this is an old thread, but could you give an update to what the Kazuma 500 is like please?
  9. Hey thanks, not as facy as some of the rigs you guys have out in the States, but everything is so much more expensive here for Jeeps. I could have gone the Land Rover route (90% of off roaders in the UK seem to) but I love the Wrangers.
  10. That is a very good question, we have "off road sites" where you can pay and play, but more are for 4x4's (mainly landrovers) most don't allow quads/atvs. I know the owners of a few as I also off road Jeeps, and they say I can use them with a quad. We also have what are know as Green Lanes. These are old public by-ways, open to vehicles. There are many battles going on to get the "usage" changed so that they cannot by used by motorised vehicles. I live not too far away from the Peak Park, and they are trying to keep everyone happy, but get loads of grief off walkers about 4x4's and trials bi
  11. Thanks oxidized_black I've PM's him so will see.
  12. Thanks swampcat07 I'm hoping to test ride the Jaguar 500 in the next few weeks so once I have I'll put an update on here. In the mean time doing as much research on the net as possible.
  13. Ok thank you, I've looked into spare parts back up and they have all the parts to build a machine up from scratch, which I was impressed with. As there aren't so many of these quads around in the UK it's difficult to get an idea of second hand values. Must admit I've always taken the view it's cheap for a reason, but that said I can't really justify spending £8500.00 on an equiverlent big brand one, when I can get a Jaguar 500 for £2995.00 with 1 years parts and labour warranty.
  14. I did put a quick hello in one of the other parts of the new members section, but I now realise I'd have been better starting a new thread on here. I'm from the county of South Yorkshire which is north east of England. Although I don't currently have a quad I'm actively looking, so thought here would be a good place for advice, as the UK quad scene is a little limited to say the least. I'm hoping to combine my quad usage, a little as a survey vehicle for work, and the rest for leisure of which some road work and trials (or green lanes as we call them) so it will have to be road legal. Any

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