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  2. I loss compression on 1994 kawasaki bayou 300 4x4. It had good compression but had a rough idle it would go up and then down very unstable but when I put it in gear it ran fine. I ran it gor about 20 minutes and parked it. The next day when I go to start it up I notice that there is no compression and it wilol not start. I checked the compression with a gauge and it does not read anything. I put a little oil in the cylinder through the plug hole then ran another compression test and it still does not read anything. Do you think the valves could be the problem? Any sugesstions. This is
  3. Hi, I have been following your post and was wondering if you got your carburetor problems solved. I have the exact same problems and was woundering if you were able to find a solution. thanks
  4. Hi, you were correct, I installed a new plug and it fired up and now it does run. My next problem is the idle, it has a rough idle it is up and down, I tried adjusting the air screw both in and out and it increases and decreases the idle a little but it is not a smooth run it still goes up and down, it's just a rough idle. Ivan ride it and it runs if ebut when I stop the idle goes back rough running, after idling a few mi utes I have to use the throttle to keep it running it wants to stop. Any suggestions
  5. No, I will try it tomorrow, thanks for the reply
  6. Having trouble with a bayou 94 Kawasaki 300 that's been sat up for a year. Installed the honda carberator cleaned tank put new gas . After all of this it ran with a rough idle but it did run I ran it for about 45 minutes. Next day it will not start any suggestions?

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