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  2. Can you put tracks on manual atvs? would it be effective? is 280cc enough to even move them? thoughts/suggestions?
  3. I have a 93 LT-F4WDX and the clutch is slipping and not engaging. so far if i let it warm up for a while it will go, but not anywhere fast and even the slightest water will disengage the clutch. I have been limping it along by putting thicker oil in it, but now I wanna know how to actually fix it. Do you have any ideas on what parts I need? what is broken and how do I fix it? THANK YOU!
  4. that sounds like a good idea. thanks ill try that!
  5. ok thanks, and my dad recommended i do a kit, but i just pulled it apart again yesterday and found it very clean. i soaked it in marine cleaner(my local hitching post recommended i do it) and when i was done it looked brand new! i also soaked some screws and things in it to clean them up too! it worked great! im going to put it back together and try that. also when taking it apart i found my fuel mixture screw was VERY far out, im guessing that had a huge effect... question tho, will the fuel filter mess up the fuel pressure?
  6. mfg supply has been good to me, but yes bikebanit did come up. thanks for the help!
  7. im looking for a carb rebuild kit for my 1994 king quad. i found rebuilt kits from 1991-1998 except 1994! can i use a 95 kit or a 93 kit? are the carbs the same?
  8. im BRAND new to thew ATV world and i was given a free 1994 king quad. the thing is, the engine runs, but is verrryy rough. it starts fine, idles well, and revs fine too, but only for a while. then when given gas the engine bogs down and barely runs, puffs out lots of smoke and smells of oil and some times quits completely. then it will go back to running fine. and back and forth...the machine had been sitting in the guys yard for 2 years. also, gas is in the oil. i have no idea where it is coming from.. already i have taken the carb out and am in the process of rebuilding that..i also added a new air filter(the old one was black with oil and very chewd up)and spark plug(the old plug was black and charred as well.) anything helps! THANK YOU

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