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  1. bodatiouskid

    2010 Yamaha 450 Wolverine??

    Don't know if they have the same running gear,but I have a 2006 Rhino 450.I installed a clutch kit & wet clutch slugs.That helped me.
  2. bodatiouskid

    Yamaha Rhino Snow Plowing

    My Yamaha Rhino in the snow with a plow.
  3. bodatiouskid

    Yamaha Rhino in the snow

    Here is pictures of my Rhino. Let it snow!
  4. bodatiouskid


  5. bodatiouskid

    2002 Sportsman 700 wont idle.

    Have a 2002 Polaris Sportsman 700 that only has 34mi. on a carb & ring job. Cut the gas off today to drain carb.Now engine will not idle.If I open throttle will run,but let off & will cut off.Can screw idle in with no change. What happened? Why did this happen when fuel ran out? Please help me,my ATV is a daily driver. Please help!!
  6. bodatiouskid


    I have a 2002 Polaris Sportsman 700.The other day I has giong up a hill & the ATV acted like it was running out of gas.So I went to the reserve side of tank & still was popping,but only does after running a while like emptying carb bowl. Does anyone have any ideas of whats wrong?Sprayed carb cleaner in intake. You think maybe float stuck down? Any help will be greatly apreciated!
  7. bodatiouskid

    Rear Bearings

    Have an 03 Kodiak 450,& the rear seals are leaking. Can someone tell me how to take out axle & install Brgs.?
  8. bodatiouskid

    Anyone heard of Linhai - Yamaha ATV's?

    Where can I look up parts for the 400 Bighorn?
  9. bodatiouskid

    2003 Yamaha Kodiak 450

    :confused:Can anyone tell me how to fix an oil leak where the right axle comes out of the diff.?The axle on the right side has a large cast iron piece that I dont know if it comes off or is part of the axle. I NEED HELP!!!
  10. Just bought a 2003 Kodiak 450.At take off,the belt doesnt grab for a few seconds.Is there any wat to tighten belt?& how tight should it be?
  11. bodatiouskid


    :huh:Will the wheels off of a 2002 Kawasaki Prairie 650 work on a 2005 Polaris Profesional UTV?
  12. bodatiouskid

    2wd-4wd brake light flash.

    Help! Have an 02 Kawasaki Prairie 650.I replaced the belt & when I put everything back together the 2wd-4wd lights would flash back & forth. I read how to reset light,but my ATV doesnt have the black & gray wire connectors where they are supposed to be. Anyone know how to reset lights on this model?
  13. bodatiouskid

    LED Gauges

    Found out meter bad. Is there any way to wire a newer gauge to an 02?
  14. bodatiouskid

    LED Gauges

    Checked all fuses.Unhooked whole gauge cluster overnite & charged battery,didnt help. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement?Dont think Kaw. makes them anymore.
  15. bodatiouskid


    HELP!! Can someone tell me where I can find the instrument cluster for an 02 Kawasaki Prairie 650?Has 2 connectors,where 03 & up have 1.Cluster has fuel,speedo,clock,odometers,& lights.Mine stopped working this past weekend.