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  2. It has a lot of troubleshooting info...way more than I can type here. You would be better off downloading the manual. Good luck. Happy New Year!
  3. Glad you found it, but Im not real good with the electricals on these. Sorry. I have a service manual so Ill check to see if theres a troubleshooting subject for this.
  4. Ok. If fuel isnt coming out of the overflow then thats probably not it. Keep us posted
  5. Do you know for sure you are getting spark? This almost sounds like an ignition problem to me. If the float had a hole in it, it would be full of fuel, and if the needle was stuck open I would think that the carb would overflow with fuel and spill into the engine. If that is the case, you would have a lot of fuel in the oil or at least on top of the piston. If you tried to start it in that case it would hydro-lock and likely bend a rod. Next time you try to start it, pull the plug, try turning it over and see if fuel shoots out of the spark plug hole. Did you check the float height adjustment? It should be about 1/2" or level with the flat part on the aluminum body where the cover mounts. You can check if the needle is seating properly by blowing into the inlet (make sure its clean) and moving the float up and down to see where in the travel it closes (blocks you from blowing air). If it never closes or closes way too low, then you have your answer. I just had mine apart but never tried to remove the float, so I dont know what the pin looks like. Sorry. But I found a float kit on ebay and the pin just looks straight on that end. I dont know why it would be peened over... http://compare.ebay.com/like/140885671419?_lwgsi=y&ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar
  6. Hi guys, I dont post here much but I figured I would pass on some info in the hopes it will help someone. I was having a problem with my KQ while plowing snow the other day. It would stall frequently while idling. Especially when stopping to switch to reverse or a forward gear. But it would run fine at anything above idle. My buddy came over to help me with it. We determined that it was starving for fuel or dirt was stuck in the carb somewhere. After confirming that there were no clogged screens, filters or vacuum leaks anywhere, we disassembled the carb and blew out all the passages with carb cleaner and compressed air even though everything looked spotless. Then we checked the pilot screw setting. Someone had already been in there as the plug was removed. We checked the setting and it was 2-1/2 turns out from the seat. We set it at an even 3 turns and put it all back together. It now runs flawlessly with no stalling! I believe it was just a bit lean on the low end. Anyway, hope this helps someone.:cheers2c: BTW, this is my first season with this (or any) quad and I am AMAZED at its plowing ability for such a small machine!
  7. I was able to download a service manual via your links. Than you for your kind help!

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