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  2. Is there such a thing ? What size is that damn thing ?
  3. I need to know what the dimensions are on the shorter female yoke. I have 2 of the longer ones,need to machine down one of them. What I need is the distance between the center of the Spider hole to the top or end where the shaft slips in. Part #s 49177-1080 & 49177-1081. If anyone can help I would be most grateful. I took on this frame swap job for My Landlord, and its becoming a nightmare of mis ordered parts. I have access to a Mill & Lathe so I would rather whittle one down than wait for more parts. It appears from the parts diagram that the shorter one has a groove on the outside. Thanks Guys
  4. I just got a 84 Honda ATC 125. It was used without the clutch releasing,they were just jamming it into gear. If you let off of the throttle it didn't coast,it was engine braking. I got it for $100.00,its in great shape, good tires and starts first pull. When you shift into1st gear you can hear the load on the engine,When you rev it up it starts to go forward then it seems its slipping. When I got off it in gear it it pulled it self across the driveway. It rolls freely in neutral. Thanks to anyone who can help. I'm old enough now to learn from other peoples mistakes,I no longer feel a need to make them all myself.

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