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  1. slinta


  2. Clutch adjustment did the trick.... back on the trail again! Thanks for all those that helped!
  3. Just saw that! Sorry... Thank you so much! People like you make ATV riders and this site great!
  4. I will do that and post what I find! Did you see my message about the manual?
  5. Ok thanks I will take a look at that. This only has 370 miles on it.... sure hope belt didn't wear out that fast.
  6. I was riding around the other night and it was shifting fine. No noises or anything....I stopped to pick up some stuff and then when in first gear it would rev so high and then it acted like it was in neutral. When the RPM's came back down it would engage 1st gear again. Reverse works fine. Any ideas??????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. Could you send me the 2000 King Quad 300 service manual if you would please sir.

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