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  2. i am looking to uprade my exhaust and add a jet kit but idk what brand is better than the other and what the dif benefits of each are? anyone have experience in this area?
  3. My 2005 ltz400 with a custom front bumper and eyes
  4. Well the leak is deeper than just the whole turns out it ate through the case and so i have no idea what kind of condition the inner workings are in and its to costly to have the mechanics tear it apart and see the extent of it and that doesnt include a rebuild or anything.....
  5. There is one on ebay for $1000+ and i dont have that muc or id just rebuild the one i have and i am not native to my area so i am not sure where to begin to look for an atv junkyard. Im in ft campbell ky right now but native to ft wayne in
  6. I need an engine for a 2005 ltz400. My engine case has a leak and I'm afraid the damage may be deeper so To save money I need a compatible engine. I have searched Craigslist and had no luck. I won't downgrade but if it will fit on the frame I wouldnt mind upgrading. Any help would be much appreciated. Even if all that's done is a point in the direction of one.
  7. i have a 95 ltz 400 and i took it too turkey bay here in Kentucky the other day and it was running great and taking on everything like a champ. then i went through a few deep puddles and shortly after that it just died. i restarted it and it ran for a few feet and not at full power and died again. i kept trying to restart it and when it would start i would hit the throttle and it would die. to me it seemed like there was something clogging the gas line so i took everything apart from the tank to the carburetor and there was no blockage. i took off the carburetor tonight and cleaned everything i could get to on it and reinstalled it and it started up but only ran for a min before dying once again. any ideas of what i might have done and if i need to take it to a shop to get fixed or if i can just do it myself. i really need help with this one....
  8. i did i hooked up my charger while it was off and got the voltage reading then turned it on and got a higher voltage
  9. i got a new battery got it charged and put it in and it started right up then i shut it off hooked it up to the charger and got a read out of 13.1 turned it on and got 14.9-15.3 so i think its safe to say it was just the battery and the charging system is working fine. thanks for everyone's help and input it was greatly appreciated
  10. I charged the battery all day and hooked it up after work and that didnt work. I took the relay in and had it checked and was told it was fine. My next test i jumped it to make sure it wasnt the starter and it jumped fine. My thinking now is the battery has fused cells which is giving me the false complete charge.
  11. im not sure what the problem is i think its the solenoid but this is my first atv so not totally sure. i was riding it just fine for half hour or so then stopped for a second and it died. i lost all power lights indicator lights....everything. i thought it was the battery so i cleaned the terminals and reconnected everything. i had power after that but when i hit the starter all it did was click once then the power was gone again. i let it sit for a bit and the N light came on so i tried it again and it just clicked once and power was gone again. i threw the battery on the charger and it said it was fully charged. im not sure what else it could be other than the solenoid so i need some help to know if the problem is deeper.

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