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  1. 1997 yamaha kodiak 400 4x4 I am not sure my cooling fan is working for my oil cooled engine. I let it idle in my carport for close to one hour and it never came on, I already tested the fan and it works fine , so right now I have a toggle switch that I placed on it to turn it off and on. The thing is I am not sure how long it would actually take for the cooling fan to come on with a oil cooled engine, so really I am not sure rather it is working are not if it takes even longer then the time I let it idle to come on. Can someone give me an ideal about it and the best way to test it to be sure before I start buying anything?
  2. witness7


  3. Just taking a moment to log in again , been a while, but I am still around.
  4. Be nice if that kandi site would answer emails to them, but I think unless you are buying from them a buggy or so forth they will never respond, cause I have written them different times over the months and have never answered me... Thanks
  5. Does anyone know if my utv has a thermostat and if so the location of it? Thank you KD-250GKD-2 250 2 single cylinder, 4-stroke, water cooled automatic with reverse chain drive, rear-wheel drive manual dump bed (2 positions) opens down or latches closed CDI electric hydraulic disks 14.1/7000 14.1 13/5500 31.1 no no 84.8 40.9/37.8 12V, 9Ah 1236.8/970 1237 970 Unleaded No. 90 or higher 3.4 21x7-10/21x11-10 113.4x48.4x71.5 114.2x45.7x41.7 1264, inch)
  6. Since day one of owning the Kodiak I have not been able to shift gears going up steep roads nor down steep roads, it will shift gears fine going straight on a road though. But if i start out going up a steep road in 1st gear no matter how i try while moving it will not let me shift into 2nd gear ..etc... unless I stop then I can change into 2nd gear its the same way if I am going down a steep hill what ever gear I am in I have to stay in that gear till I stop and change to another gear. but again it is fine if I am driving on a straight road is this normal? if not is there a way to adjust it maybe a linkage to adjust to where it will shift easier when I use my foot to try and shift uphill or downhill.. I recently drove a small kawaski 220 and it shifts easily going up a steep road and down it without having to stop to shift. Would appreciate some insight from someone that knows about these type of atvs when it comes to shifting them. Thank you
  7. ok thank you very much you always are a big help much appreciated.
  8. now i am trying to figure out how to ride it...lol.... maybe someone can tell me for sure I think I am doing it right but just need to be sure.... its a 5 speed manual.... it does not have a clutch on the handle bar that i seen in a video on youtube of how to ride a manual atv.... so all i can figure out is you just change it from one speed to the next by lifting up the clutch arm i guess you could call it with your left foot? is that correct, does anyone know about these type of atv's?
  9. Hello... I recently bought a used 1997 yamaha kodiak 400 4x4 .. I cannot find no 4wd switch on it at all... I got the manual for it from someone on this site and it shows its on the drivers side handle bar where you give it gas but there is nothing there at all... so thought maybe it had been removed but there is no lose wiring no where that connected to anything there... so i been trying to figure out how to get from 2wd into 4wd but there is no switch to push on it as far as I can tell... and my neighber said the reason i could not pull the manual cable to start the atv is because you have to release compression with a nob are something before it will pull easy to start the atv? Sure would appreicate anyones thoughts on these two things thank you
  10. finally got the atv to run great... it was the intake hose that bolts to the intake then bolts to the carb... it had a big crack in it so was sucking air... now running great.
  11. Wow your smart.. if I had your brain I would be a contender..lol.... i was coming back here to say opps i found a video that called it the air mixture screw..... thank you so much for all your help, I am just lost when it comes to these atvs.... good to know there is people like you that is patient with us brain rusted folks
  12. I was reading in the diagram for these atvs... I am thinking its called the pilot jet as far as i can tell by the diagram looks more like it anyways then the other things in the diagram, I am not familiar with the names of these parts though.... but anyways if it is the pilot jet it has a small spring on it and a small washer and a small 0-ring rubber... and it screws into the bottom beside the bowl it is not in the bowl though just beside it.. takes a straight small screw driver to turn it... Anyways from what i was reading in the parts manual.. it says to be sure you count how far it was turned out before you remove it.... well I did not know that till now...lol..... I am not a atv mechanic ... do you have any ideal about this.. as far as how far it turns out when tight?
  13. lol... going to give that a try tomorrow... not sure what number this will be but I know i have to be close in passing you...lol... take it apart and say well shoot.... over and over again...
  14. Hey... I might break your record of ripping it apart when its all said and done here is an update... I am getting closer, it just barely leaks now out of the drain line.. so closer i reckon... It was not idleing at all.. till I messed with the needle.. now it takes off like its full throttle what would cause that to happen? Maybe the thottle cable needs to be adjusted?...
  15. I put a new needle and seat on it as well as other things that came with the kit... wonder what i did wrong..lol...?

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