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  2. hey jay go to atv polaris forums great site they for sure will have it heres the name of the guy you can request it from Polaristech1 ATV Enthusiast you probably have to egister good luck bud they will have everything you need
  3. whats your email address i can send it to you i do have some for that
  4. yes turn the key and that starts it i have the same set up
  5. sorry guys i got it going and now im just ready to put new tires on her and take her for a spin lol but the remote has a reverse and a foward button in and out thanks guys i ll get back to ya later
  6. if you look under the seat and take the breather off the wires are right there some are a little tuff too get but you can see if there fried or not i had a simmler problem and looked for the wires and there they all were and if you go to the front of the quad and take off the plastic where the radiator is theres all the fuses they should be in like black packs probably need a ohm tester good luck bud i already discovered all this stuff and i have a 2003 not much of a difference Index of /ORV Manuals/Polaris/Sportsman
  7. i just went over to the motor sports store and got a remote for my winch it used to i just got the four wheeler a little while ago im trying to touble shoot it and was just wondering if anybody had that issue before thanks jeff
  8. hey everybody jeff from new york been here a couple weeks now great little site for info thanks gang:aargh:
  9. i will give it a try tomorrow and see what the heck is going on i just got done with the cv axles and that took a week those were the hardest axles i ever experienced and now its something else hell im wondering if im ever going to ride it but i just keep laughing it off thanks for your info your always a big help on here i think your the first one to post here
  10. i got a 2003 polaris sportsman 500 ho when i start it up it idles ok but when i go it squeals and shuts off like something is locking up thanks jeff
  11. thanks alot for your time i got it and it worked just fine this time i dont no what is the problem with you sendit.com but for some reason it wont let pull it up thanks jeff
  12. I cant get yousendit.com too open the service manual
  13. im going to change all the fluids in my polaris sportsman 500 ho but all i found was the oil filter so far and i have no manual on it so if could get a little help i would really appreciate it and what type of oil and gear oil could i use besides that hi dollar polaris stuff thanks jeff:skeptic:
  14. i wanna thank everybody who responed to the questions i got everything out and waiting on the new axles from fed ex the hardest axles ive ever done i took some suggestion and put anti sieze back on before installing thanks everybody for your time

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