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  2. blow air in through all passages, keep in mind some needles will blow out if not properly removed, or cared for. Make sure main jet is clear by removing it, and blowing air in through and around the jet. Make sure needle and floats are set to spec, usually float will be level when upside down, however some differ. clean the throttle body, and the choke butterflys, to ensure proper function. Some bikes are (auto-choke) clean all electrical connectors with die elecrtric grease.
  3. are these ohm readings within spec of the manufacture? I have seen lots of those chinese bikes with kill switch and tether problems causeing no spark. If you had the mag cover off did you resolder any new wires or slice, reason for asking is maybe there is a shorted wire under mag. I myself would lean more towards a bad switch, or tethor switch not being grounded out properly.
  4. Its the staor starting togo, I have the same bike (mint), started with the same sytoms, couldnt figure it out. I thought it was carburation witht he backfireing. till finally one day it went completely, changed the stator and shes been good togo ever since.
  5. ya its a blaster, had the same frame stipped a year ago...fun bikes, but piston blowers.
  6. may be the cdi, mine did that..spark was there, but at the wrong time...hows the tors system?, or did you remove it?

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