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  1. If your magnets come loose, but do not break up or otherwise destroy anything, go to your local hardware and buy some Gorilla Glue brand epoxy. and glue them back in. They must be spaced properly same distance between all the way around. When you pull the cover off and get a look at them the polarity alignment is correct. Mark the outside edge of all of them with a paint marker or magic marker. Pull the magnets out and use a wire brush wheel to clean off the old glue. Clean rotor body and scuff up with emery cloth. Make sure that all is clean and free of dirt and oil. Make yourself a spacer stick to get the magnets spaced right. Have enough of those little spring loaded clamps to clamp each magnet in place. Wait overnight, remove clamps and install. Actually the gorilla epoxy sets up within an hour or two and it takes a little propane or map gas torch to get it to let go if you make a mistake. Or you can buy an updated flywheel on fleabay for about $200.
  2. Check your DC voltage at the battery when the unit is running. At idle it may be a little high in the 14s, but should settle down to 14 DC volts when revved up. If over 15 volts then replace reg/rec. If not that, then check all your connectors in the wire harness, you may have some corroded connectors. Just a shot.
  3. " my stator and pick up coil is up to spec brand new" If you bought an import cheapie that might be the problem? other than that I would do as Mr. Angerano suggested.
  4. It is possible that you might have a blocked or partially blocked vent in your fuel cap. It is also possible that the float bowl vent line or lines is/are stopped up. Worth a look.
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