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  2. So I have this old winch mounted on my Big Bear, its got 2 wires coming out of it, best I can figure out 1 ground and 1 power which would then go to a relay (I cant find a free spool lever/button/clip). Anyone have any ideas on how I can test it in both directions (reversing the polarity which would normaly be done at the relay so it will spin the opposite way) or at least one direction. Im hesitant to spend $50-60 on eBay for a relay and switch just to test it out and see if it works, and then have a big headache trying to return a open used electrical item. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply I rented/borrowed a small 3 jaw puller from pepboys put the center bolt back in half way and it pulled right out with little to no force, less than 5 minutes and it was off. That versus the hour i spent on it this weekend, trying to tap with hammer and prying on it with 2 flat bars on each side and it wouldnt budge, which is when I got worried about cracking the crank cover behind it putting to much force on it with the flat bars. 99% of things are simpler with the right tool.
  4. Anyone know how to get the pull start pully off the crank so I can get my left crankcase cover off so I can change my stator out. Should I use a 3 claw bearing puller, has anyone done it with succes, I dont have one so have to rent/buy/borrow one but from the pics I dont know if it will fit between the pulley and case. This is a picture of what Im trying to get off, there is no bolt holes on the inside to thread a diffrent type of puller into. The center bolt came right out.
  5. I just picked up a cheap big bear Im trying to fix up needs alot of work so going thru it piece by piece. 1. The air box is completely stripped no breather hose, no hose to carb, and no filter or pieces inisde. Can anyone tell me if the typical K&N air filter comes with everything I need... I know it was a oiled element stock that slid onto a sleeve which I dont have so Im trying to find the quickest easiet way to get it back together. 2. I bought a new ignition and plugged it in and it started hissing and getting hot at the plug connection, I ripped it out quick and checked with my meter and it still seems to be ok. So can anyone tell me if there brown wire the wire thats hot with ignition on has continuity to ground.... I traced mine all the way back to getting ground thru the neutral and reverse switches thru the relays and all. The only other thing I can figure is it seems when i pulled the ignition plug off the 2 prongs looked like they are pushed in too far as if they wouldt insert/engage into the female plugs on the opposite plug and maybe its jumping/arcing and shorting out. I do have a service manual, wiring diagrams, and found OEM parts diagrams I just cant make sense of these couple things with out a little direction. Any ideas???

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