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  2. I Only use Rotella T6 synthetic 15w40 its very good stuff. It will serve all your lubrication need well and protect you valuable engine.
  3. I would suggest the new 2014 Yamaha grizzly 700 or the newer Suzuki Kingquad 750 or 500. Both machines have the best CVT smoothness and excellent ride and handling. Both have good power and are very dependable. Stay away from deep water and your ATV will last much longer and your maintenance will be much lower. Both machines will fit you very nicely.
  4. The Bear Claws or the ITP Mud Lites, its a tough decision.
  5. Took it out today for a quick spin and a little break in time. The king Quad is fantastic in every aspect and will serve my riding purposes well. The only thing it needs is a better set of tires, Can anyone help me out with some tire suggestions? I do mostly trails and some aggressive hill climbs with minimal mud. Going riding tomorrow morning and see how she does on the trails.
  6. The camera lens makes it look red, it is actually a different color.
  7. The stock Suzuki pictures don't even match the color of this bike. I went and looked at it this morning and actually bought it after I saw the color. It is a burgundy or maroon color with a matte finish, its a very beautiful bike.
  8. Im going to look at a 2013 king quad 500 axi this morning that I saw advertised by a local dealer. After I got more info from them it turns out to be an anniversary edition. What is the differences between this and the regular axi? The price of the bike is $7900 and I am just wondering if its a decent deal. Also it has a different paint called metallic matte red? Anyone give me more info on this model?
  9. Installed the Unifilter and uridium spark plug and the bike is more responsive. I cant really say it has more power, but it starts and responds better. Im leaving the muffler stock for now as Id like to keep it quiet.
  10. I found a Uni filter high flow air filter for the Brute Force 300. I guess its too new, not very many parts available yet. I ordered the Uni Filter, so we will see what that does.
  11. Ajmboy, very nice! It looks and sounds better without being loud. Did it require a rejet or adjustment of the carb? I removed the spark arrestor from my stock muffler and it made an improvement in the bottom end power, but I don't think its a good idea riding the trails like that. I replaced it and all is good. I will look into a muffler swap. Thanks for your reply and help.
  12. I bought one of these a few weeks a go and have been having lots of fun riding in the woods and trails around where I live. I was hesitant on getting a 2wd vs 4wd but so far so good for my type of riding. Anyway anyone have one of these machines and have done any performance mods to it? I'm not really wanting to make it louder just a little more grunt in the lower rpm range.
  13. Just joined this forum and wanted to say hello. I ride a Brute Force 300 and I have been searching for a good forum, I think I found it. Anyway my son has a Honda 450R sport quad and I have a utility brute force 300 and we ride trails mostly, lots of fun. I've had dirt bikes all my life but never a quad, so this is half new to me.

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