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  2. Any experience dyno testing this kit, Ive been considering the Trinity Racing Big Bore Kit but they dont have any performance numbers.
  3. Very nice setup, Ive got the Cooter Brown roof stereo but it looks like a cheap add-on compared to what you put together. Nice work!
  4. Definately spend the extra cash on the Ranger 500, the price difference is minimal but the ease of cold starts with the EFI alone is worth the price increase.
  5. Those look like lift spacers, hopefully you were able to identify as a moose product. They are the simplest way to lift your RZR or Ranger.
  6. I have owned a Commander XT for the last two years and I love it! The 1000 is well worth the extra premium, and the few dded luxury items that are included in the XT package make the vehicle mush more enjoyable to drive. If I could do it again, I would spring for the extra parts and accessories that come with the Commander Limited package. Air ride and GPS...yes please!
  7. Nice work, always cool to see what people come up with, check out this guide for some inspiration: Blog

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