2000 suzuki quadmaster 500 auto 4x4

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I am in desired need of the torque spec and wether it is rotating or torque to yield. I have a manual but all it says is take the diff to a dealership. I am a mechanic by trade and I am to cheap to get someone else to do it. I have asked all of the dealerships in my area for the spec and they all say bring it in and we will set it for me for $100.00. I don't think so. So if anyone has the spec for the front diff on this quad it would be very much appreciated if you would let me know.


Your friendly neighbourhood mechanic.

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Wish I could help you with that, my best suggestion is to get the factory repair manual. They are spendy, but they have all that secret info that those bastard dealers won't share.

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I have been searching on line for 2 weeks for a factory service manual but i can not find one.

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Ican get on suzukis service tech web site but they canbut there publishing starts at 2000 on servicrepro

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      Hey all,
      I'm new to this site and to CanAm/Bombardier atv's. I purchased this quad local to my area and shortly after started noticing a knocking noise from the bottom end, which I've been told may need a rebuild.
      The atv is complete, but I'm now looking to part it out, unless someone knows where I can get the bottom end rebuilt for a decent price.
      I can take some pics of the quad and upload. If you need parts off of it, let me know and make me an offer.