2007 Ranger XP Engine Mount Recall

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I received a recall back in late 2007 (service bulletin R-07-07) regarding an engine mount failure that causes the engine and transmission to become misaligned and cause the drive belt to wear abnormally. Well, being the procrastinator that I am, I missed the warranty period. When the first belt went out i requested the dealer to install the recall but they failed to find it and I did not have my paperwork (recall) with me. My drive belt failed again this weekend 2 years to the day from the previous one and other friends Rangers appear to get much more time/mileage out of their belts. Questions: is there an easy way to check to see if the mount is broken and is the frequency of replacing a belt every 2 years (no hard use of the ranger, pretty much a family truckster)? Thanks!

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It may be hard to tell if the mount is broken or out of alignment.

Polaris has issued a new engine mount (pn:3022071)to supersede the original engine mount. When picking up a new belt I would try and order the new mount. I also would tell the dealer why you are ordering it looks like the warranty period expired in 2008.

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